Dragomir Tatchev
Dragomir Tatchev
Institute of Physical Chemistry
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Photoluminescence of atomic gold and silver particles in soda-lime silicate glasses
M Eichelbaum, K Rademann, A Hoell, DM Tatchev, W Weigel, R Stößer, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (13), 135701, 2008
Silver Ion Incorporation and Nanoparticle Formation inside the Cavity of Pyrococcus furiosus Ferritin: Structural and Size-Distribution Analyses
O Kasyutich, A Ilari, A Fiorillo, D Tatchev, A Hoell, P Ceci
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (10), 3621-3627, 2010
A simple preparation method and characterization of B and N co-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
J Georgieva, E Valova, S Armyanov, D Tatchev, S Sotiropoulos, ...
Applied Surface Science 413, 284-291, 2017
ASAXS study on the formation of core–shell Ag/Au nanoparticles in glass
J Haug, H Kruth, M Dubiel, H Hofmeister, S Haas, D Tatchev, A Hoell
Nanotechnology 20 (50), 505705, 2009
Interface between electroless amorphous Ni–Cu–P coatings and Al substrate
E Valova, J Dille, S Armyanov, J Georgieva, D Tatchev, M Marinov, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 190 (2-3), 336-344, 2005
Crystalline and amorphous electroless Co-WP coatings
S Armyanov, E Valova, A Franquet, J Dille, JL Delplancke, A Hubin, ...
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 152 (9), C612, 2005
Structure analysis of multiphase systems by anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering
D Tatchev
Philosophical Magazine 88 (12), 1751-1772, 2008
Crystallization of (Fe, Mn)-based nanoparticles in sodium-silicate glasses
R Harizanova, I Gugov, C Rüssel, D Tatchev, VS Raghuwanshi, A Hoell
Journal of materials science 46, 7169-7176, 2011
Small angle x-ray and neutron scattering study of disordered and three dimensional–ordered magnetic protein arrays
O Kasyutich, D Tatchev, A Hoell, F Ogrin, C Dewhurst, W Schwarzacher
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (7), 2009
X-ray-assisted formation of gold nanoparticles in soda lime silicate glass: suppressed Ostwald ripening
D Tatchev, A Hoell, M Eichelbaum, K Rademann
Physical Review Letters 106 (8), 085702, 2011
Influence of the electrode nano/microstructure on the electrochemical properties of graphite in aluminum batteries
G Greco, D Tatchev, A Hoell, M Krumrey, S Raoux, R Hahn, GA Elia
Journal of materials chemistry A 6 (45), 22673-22680, 2018
Weigel1 W., Stößer R., Pacchioni G
M Eichelbaum, K Rademann, A Hoell, DM Tatchev
Nanotechnology 19 (13), 1, 2008
Pt (Ni) electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation prepared by galvanic replacement on TiO2 and TiO2–C powder supports
J Georgieva, E Valova, I Mintsouli, S Sotiropoulos, D Tatchev, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 754, 65-74, 2015
Size distribution and composition of magnetic precipitates in amorphous Ni–P alloy
D Tatchev, A Hoell, R Kranold, S Armyanov
Physica B: Condensed Matter 369 (1-4), 8-19, 2005
On the determination of partial structure functions in small-angle scattering exemplified by Al89Ni6La5 alloy
A Hoell, D Tatchev, S Haas, J Haug, P Boesecke
Journal of Applied Crystallography 42 (2), 323-325, 2009
Investigation of the primary crystallization of Ni–17 at.% P alloy by ASAXS
D Tatchev, G Goerigk, E Valova, J Dille, R Kranold, S Armyanov, ...
Journal of applied crystallography 38 (5), 787-794, 2005
Magnetic nanocrystals embedded in silicate glasses studied by polarized SANS
VS Raghuwanshi, R Harizanova, S Haas, D Tatchev, I Gugov, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 385, 24-29, 2014
Yttria-zirconia coatings studied by grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering during in situ heating
K Hoydalsvik, T Barnardo, R Winter, S Haas, D Tatchev, A Hoell
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (43), 14492-14500, 2010
Maximum-entropy method as a routine tool for determination of particle size distributions by small-angle scattering
D Tatchev, R Kranold
Journal of applied crystallography 37 (1), 32-39, 2004
Structural analysis of magnetic nanocrystals embedded in silicate glasses by anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering
VS Raghuwanshi, D Tatchev, S Haas, R Harizanova, I Gugov, C Rüssel, ...
Journal of Applied Crystallography 45 (4), 644-651, 2012
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