Joshua A. Cotter
Joshua A. Cotter
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Effect of blood flow restriction on tissue oxygenation during knee extension
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Concurrent exercise on a gravity-independent device during simulated microgravity
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Ratings of perceived exertion during acute resistance exercise performed at imposed and self-selected loads in recreationally trained women
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Noninvasive optical imaging of resistance training adaptations in human muscle
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Suction-modified needle biopsy technique for the human soleus muscle
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Time-to-contact demonstrates modulation of postural control during a dynamic lower extremity task
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Adolescent endurance runners exhibit suboptimal energy availability and intakes of key nutrients
SA Matt, MT Barrack, VB Gray, JA Cotter, MD Van Loan, MJ Rauh, ...
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A comparison of muscle activation among the front squat, overhead squat, back extension and plank
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Cognitive dietary restraint score is associated with lower energy, carbohydrate, fat, and grain intake among female adolescent endurance runners
KL Wood, MT Barrack, VB Gray, JA Cotter, MD Van Loan, MJ Rauh, ...
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Acute resistance exercise at varying volume loads does not enhance plasma interleukin-6
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Do neuromuscular dentistry–designed mouthguards enhance dynamic movement ability in competitive athletes?
JA Cotter, ST Jamison, SA Schloemer, AMW Chaudhari
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The Sports Ball as a Fomite for Transmission of Staphylococcus aureus
BA Haghverdian, N Patel, L Wang, JA Cotter
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Back squat potentiates both vertical and horizontal jump performance in collegiate ice hockey players
C Bechtel
California State University, Long Beach, 2017
Dietary protein and resistance exercise
LM Lowery, J Antonio
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Impact of varying doses of omega-3 supplementation on muscle damage and recovery after eccentric resistance exercise
LM Visconti, JA Cotter, EE Schick, N Daniels, FE Viray, CA Purcell, ...
Metabolism Open 12, 100133, 2021
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