Stephen Stagon
Stephen Stagon
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of North Florida
Потвърден имейл адрес: unf.edu
Functionalized aligned silver nanorod arrays for glucose sensing through surface enhanced Raman scattering
X Sun, S Stagon, H Huang, J Chen, Y Lei
RSC Advances 4 (45), 23382-23388, 2014
Smallest Metallic Nanorods Using Physical Vapor Deposition
X Niu, S Stagon, H Huang, JK Baldwin, A Misra
Physical Review Letters 110 (13), 136102, 2013
Environmentally benign metallization of material extrusion technology 3D printed acrylonitrile butadiene styrene parts using physical vapor deposition
J White, C Tenore, A Pavich, R Scherzer, S Stagon
Additive Manufacturing 22, 279-285, 2018
Dense brushes of tilted metallic nanorods grown onto stretchable substrates for optical strain sensing
J Marae-Djouda, A Gontier, R Caputo, G Lévêque, B Bercu, Y Madi, ...
ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (5), 2347-2355, 2018
Degradation mechanism of Ag nanorods for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
L Bachenheimer, R Scherzer, P Elliott, S Stagon, L Gasparov, H Huang
Scientific reports 7 (1), 16282, 2017
Anomaly of film porosity dependence on deposition rate
SP Stagon, H Huang, J Kevin Baldwin, A Misra
Applied Physics Letters 100 (6), 2012
Enhanced thermal stability of Ag nanorods through capping
L Bachenheimer, P Elliott, S Stagon, H Huang
Applied Physics Letters 105 (21), 2014
Airtight metallic sealing at room temperature under small mechanical pressure
SP Stagon, H Huang
Scientific reports 3 (1), 3066, 2013
Predicting pressure distribution between transfemoral prosthetic socket and residual limb using finite element analysis
R Surapureddy, A Schönning, S Stagon, A Kassab
International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics 4 (1 …, 2016
Combined Hydrophobicity and Mechanical Durability through Surface Nanoengineering
SFBTPF Paul R. Elliott, Stephen P. Stagon, Hanchen Huang, David U. Furrer
Scientific Reports 5, 9260, 2015
Controllable growth of aluminum nanorods using physical vapor deposition
S Stagon, H Huang
Nanoscale Research Letters 9, 400, 2014
Metallic glue for ambient environments making strides
S Stagon, A Knapp, P Elliott, H Huang
AM&P Technical Articles 174 (1), 22-25, 2016
Control of separation and diameter of ag nanorods through self-organized seeds
PR Elliott, SP Stagon, H Huang
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 16826, 2015
Syntheses and applications of small metallic nanorods from solution and physical vapor deposition
S Stagon, H Huang
Nanotechnology Reviews, 2013
The prospects for applying magnetic smart materials combined with shape memory alloys to produce correctable and deployable space telescopes
MP Ulmer, M Jalilvand, NA Marks, DB Buchholz, B Fujishima, N Guerra, ...
Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and …, 2020
Improved Bond Strength of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Through Nanostructured Chromium Adhesion Layers
kyle gobble, amelia stark, stephen stagon
Nanoscale Research Letters 11 (416), 2016
Effects of adhesion layer on Ag nanorod growth mode and morphology using glancing angle physical vapor deposition
MP Davies, CS McKinney, JM Serrano, TJ Mullen, SP Stagon
Applied Physics Letters 110 (5), 2017
Development of 3D Geometry of the Foot for FE Plantar Fasciitis Study.
A Knapp, A Schönning, S Stagon, B Livingston
Journal of Management & Engineering Integration 9 (1), 2016
A concept for a deployable normal incidence EUV mirror based on shape memory alloy sheets
MP Ulmer, JH Dugard, D Quispe, DB Buchholz, SP Stagon, YW Chung, ...
Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2022: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray 12181 …, 2022
Low-temperature Bonding and Sealing with Spaced Nanorods
SP Stagon, H Huang
US Patent App. 14/899,868, 2016
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