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Structural Diversity in Ni Chain Coordination Polymers: Synthesis, Structures, Isomerism and Magnetism
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Attaching titania clusters of various size to reduced graphene oxide and its impact on the conceivable photocatalytic behavior of the junctions—a DFT/D+ U and TD DFTB modeling
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Performance of reservoir discretizations in quantum transport simulations
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Accumulative reservoir construction: Bridging continuously relaxed and periodically refreshed extended reservoirs
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Transport in a periodically--driven tilted lattice via the extended reservoir approach: Stability criterion for recovering the continuum limit
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Mutual Diffusion of Model Acceptor/Donor Bilayers under Solvent Vapor Annealing as a Novel Route for Organic Solar Cell Fabrication
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The confluence of fractured resonances at points of dynamical, many--body flare
B De, G Wójtowicz, MM Rams, M Zwolak, J Zakrzewski
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.12346, 2023
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