Yuval Nir
Yuval Nir
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Intersubject synchronization of cortical activity during natural vision
U Hasson, Y Nir, I Levy, G Fuhrmann, R Malach
science 303 (5664), 1634-1640, 2004
Regional slow waves and spindles in human sleep
Y Nir, RJ Staba, T Andrillon, VV Vyazovskiy, C Cirelli, I Fried, G Tononi
Neuron 70 (1), 153-169, 2011
Local sleep in awake rats
VV Vyazovskiy, U Olcese, EC Hanlon, Y Nir, C Cirelli, G Tononi
Nature 472 (7344), 443-447, 2011
Dreaming and the brain: from phenomenology to neurophysiology
Y Nir, G Tononi
Trends in cognitive sciences 14 (2), 88-100, 2010
Coupling between neuronal firing rate, gamma LFP, and BOLD fMRI is related to interneuronal correlations
Y Nir, L Fisch, R Mukamel, H Gelbard-Sagiv, A Arieli, I Fried, R Malach
Current biology 17 (15), 1275-1285, 2007
Sleep spindles in humans: insights from intracranial EEG and unit recordings
T Andrillon, Y Nir, RJ Staba, F Ferrarelli, C Cirelli, G Tononi, I Fried
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (49), 17821-17834, 2011
Interhemispheric correlations of slow spontaneous neuronal fluctuations revealed in human sensory cortex
Y Nir, R Mukamel, I Dinstein, E Privman, M Harel, L Fisch, ...
Nature neuroscience 11 (9), 1100-1108, 2008
Extrinsic and intrinsic systems in the posterior cortex of the human brain revealed during natural sensory stimulation
Y Golland, S Bentin, H Gelbard, Y Benjamini, R Heller, Y Nir, U Hasson, ...
Cerebral cortex 17 (4), 766-777, 2007
Neural “ignition”: enhanced activation linked to perceptual awareness in human ventral stream visual cortex
L Fisch, E Privman, M Ramot, M Harel, Y Nir, S Kipervasser, F Andelman, ...
Neuron 64 (4), 562-574, 2009
Syntactic structure building in the anterior temporal lobe during natural story listening
J Brennan, Y Nir, U Hasson, R Malach, DJ Heeger, L Pylkkänen
Brain and language 120 (2), 163-173, 2012
Widespread functional connectivity and fMRI fluctuations in human visual cortex in the absence of visual stimulation
Y Nir, U Hasson, I Levy, Y Yeshurun, R Malach
Neuroimage 30 (4), 1313-1324, 2006
Selective neuronal lapses precede human cognitive lapses following sleep deprivation
Y Nir, T Andrillon, A Marmelshtein, N Suthana, C Cirelli, G Tononi, I Fried
Nature medicine 23 (12), 1474-1480, 2017
Identifying the default‐mode component in spatial IC analyses of patients with disorders of consciousness
A Soddu, A Vanhaudenhuyse, MA Bahri, MA Bruno, M Boly, A Demertzi, ...
Human brain mapping 33 (4), 778-796, 2012
Locus coeruleus norepinephrine activity mediates sensory-evoked awakenings from sleep
H Hayat, N Regev, N Matosevich, A Sales, E Paredes-Rodriguez, ...
Science Advances 6 (15), eaaz4232, 2020
Single-neuron activity and eye movements during human REM sleep and awake vision
T Andrillon, Y Nir, C Cirelli, G Tononi, I Fried
Nature communications 6 (1), 7884, 2015
Auditory responses and stimulus-specific adaptation in rat auditory cortex are preserved across NREM and REM sleep
Y Nir, VV Vyazovskiy, C Cirelli, MI Banks, G Tononi
Cerebral cortex 25 (5), 1362-1378, 2015
Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation in humans induces pupil dilation and attenuates alpha oscillations
O Sharon, F Fahoum, Y Nir
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (2), 320-330, 2021
Noradrenaline modulates visual perception and late visually evoked activity
H Gelbard-Sagiv, E Magidov, H Sharon, T Hendler, Y Nir
Current Biology 28 (14), 2239-2249. e6, 2018
Sleep disrupts high-level speech parsing despite significant basic auditory processing
S Makov, O Sharon, N Ding, M Ben-Shachar, Y Nir, EZ Golumbic
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (32), 7772-7781, 2017
Enhanced category tuning revealed by intracranial electroencephalograms in high-order human visual areas
E Privman, Y Nir, U Kramer, S Kipervasser, F Andelman, MY Neufeld, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (23), 6234-6242, 2007
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