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Crespo-Ruiz B
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Wheelchair basketball quantification
A Gil-Agudo, A Del Ama-Espinosa, B Crespo-Ruiz
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics 21 (1), 141-156, 2010
Relation between kinematic analysis of wheelchair propulsion and wheelchair functional basketball classification
BM Crespo-Ruiz, AJ Del Ama-Espinosa
Adapted physical activity quarterly 28 (2), 157-172, 2011
Shoulder joint kinetics during wheelchair propulsion on a treadmill at two different speeds in spinal cord injury patients
A Gil-Agudo, D Ama-Espinosa, E Pérez-Rizo, S Pérez-Nombela, ...
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Gait kinematic analysis in patients with a mild form of central cord syndrome
A Gil-Agudo, S Pérez-Nombela, A Forner-Cordero, E Pérez-Rizo, ...
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Comparative biomechanical gait analysis of patients with central cord syndrome walking with one crutch and two crutches
A Gil-Agudo, E Pérez-Rizo, A Del Ama-Espinosa, B Crespo-Ruiz, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 24 (7), 551-557, 2009
Shoulder kinetics and ultrasonography changes after performing a high-intensity task in spinal cord injury subjects and healthy controls
A Gil-Agudo, MS Mozos, BC Ruiz, AJ Del-Ama, E Pérez-Rizo, ...
Spinal Cord 54 (4), 277-282, 2016
Physical activity and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in men with spinal cord injury.
B Crespo-Ruiz, AJ Del-Ama, FJ Jimenez-Diaz, J Morgan, ...
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development 49 (6), 2012
Echographic and kinetic changes in the shoulder joint after manual wheelchair propulsion under two different workload settings
Á Gil-Agudo, M Solís-Mozos, B Crespo-Ruiz, AJ del-Ama Eng, ...
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 2, 77, 2014
Transtheoretical model is better predictor of physiological stress than perceived stress scale and work ability index among office workers
M Marin-Farrona, M Leon-Jimenez, J Garcia-Unanue, L Gallardo, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 17 (12), 4410, 2020
Comparative ergonomic assessment of manual wheelchairs by paraplegic users
A Gil-Agudo, M Solís-Mozos, AJ Del-Ama, B Crespo-Ruiz, ...
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 8 (4), 305-313, 2013
Executive stress management: Physiological load of stress and recovery in executives on workdays
B Crespo-Ruiz, S Rivas-Galan, C Fernandez-Vega, C Crespo-Ruiz, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15 (12), 2847, 2018
Comparative biomechanical analysis of gait in patients with central cord and Brown-Sequard syndrome
A Gil-Agudo, S Pérez-Nombela, E Pérez-Rizo, A del Ama-Espinosa, ...
Disability and Rehabilitation 35 (22), 1869-1876, 2013
A descriptive analysis of body composition among forest firefighters in Spain
B Crespo-Ruiz, PE García, C Fernández-Vega, C Crespo-Ruiz, ...
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 62 (5), e174-e179, 2020
Evaluación de la marcha con bastones en pacientes con lesión medular incompleta
A Gil-Agudo, E Pérez-Rizo, A del Ama-Espinosa, AI De la Peña-González, ...
Rehabilitación 43 (2), 65-71, 2009
Evaluación de la distribución de las presiones de apoyo en la interfaz usuario-cojín para determinar la presión de inflado de los cojines de aire
A Gil-Agudo, AI de La Peña-González, A del Ama-Espinosa, E Pérez-Rizo, ...
Rehabilitación 44 (1), 32-39, 2010
The influence of physical activity on the shoulder load and ultrasonography findings in manual wheelchair users
A Gil-Agudo, MS Mozos, BC Ruiz, AJ del-Ama Eng, E Pérez-Rizo
J Comput Eng Inf Technol 5: 3. doi: http://dx. doi. org/10.4172/2324 9307, 2, 2016
Kinetic analysis of manual wheelchair propulsion in athletes and users with spinal cord injury
M Solís-Mozos, A del Ama-Espinosa, B Crespo-Ruiz, E Pérez-Rizo, ...
XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and …, 2014
Determinación del consumo energético de la marcha en personas con alteraciones neurológicas. Revisión de los protocolos empleados
M Solís-Mozos, Á Gil-Agudo, S Pérez-Nombela, B Crespo-Ruiz
Rehabilitación 44 (4), 359-363, 2010
Mechanical and physiological assessment of pressure ulcer-preventing cushions in a population with spinal cord injury
B Crespo-Ruiz, A De la Peña-González, S Pérez-Nombela, A Gil-Agudo
Rehabilitation: Mobility, Exercise and Sports, 36-38, 2010
Successful case study: implementation of technology to manage stress in the workplace.
B Crespo Ruiz, M León Jimenez, J García-Unanue, L Gallardo Guerrero, ...
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