Ceming Wang
Ceming Wang
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Energy conversion efficiency of nanofluidic batteries: Hydrodynamic slip and access resistance
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An electrochemical aptasensing platform for carbohydrate antigen 125 based on the use of flower-like gold nanostructures and target-triggered strand displacement amplification
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Low-voltage electroosmotic pumping using polyethylene terephthalate track-etched membrane
C Wang, L Wang, J Xue
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Chemically functionalized conical PET nanopore for protein detection at the single-molecule level
Y Zhang, X Chen, C Wang, GM Roozbahani, HC Chang, X Guan
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Ultrasensitive fluorescent aptasensor for CRP detection based on the RNase H assisted DNA recycling signal amplification strategy
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Nanofluidic Pulser Based on Polymer Conical Nanopores
L Wang, L Sun, C Wang, L Chen, L Cao, G Hu, J Xue, Y Wang
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Slowing down DNA translocation through solid-state nanopores by edge-field leakage
C Wang, S Sensale, Z Pan, S Senapati, HC Chang
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-10, 2021
Resistive amplitude fingerprints during translocation of linear molecules through charged solid-state nanopores
S Sensale, C Wang, HC Chang
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Elliptical Pipette Generated Large Microdroplets for POC Visual ddPCR Quantification of Low Viral Load
L Chen, V Yadav, C Zhang, X Huo, C Wang, S Senapati, HC Chang
Analytical Chemistry 93 (16), 6456-6462, 2021
Liquid biopsy technologies based on membrane microfluidics: High‐yield purification and selective quantification of biomarkers in nanocarriers
C Wang, S Senapati, HC Chang
Electrophoresis 41 (21-22), 1878-1892, 2020
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