Silvia Deiss
Silvia Deiss
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Comprehensive mutation identification in an evolved bacterial cooperator and its cheating ancestor
GJ Velicer, G Raddatz, H Keller, S Deiss, C Lanz, I Dinkelacker, ...
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Axon growth in embryonic chick and quail retinal whole mounts in vitro
W Halfter, S Deiss
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Complete fiber structures of complex trimeric autotransporter adhesins conserved in enterobacteria
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Axonal pathfinding in organ-cultured embryonic avian retinae
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Your personalized protein structure: Andrei N. Lupas fused to GCN4 adaptors
S Deiss, BH Alvarez, K Bär, CP Ewers, M Coles, R Albrecht, ...
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Chemical Ligand Space of Cereblon
I Boichenko, K Bär, S Deiss, C Heim, R Albrecht, AN Lupas, ...
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A FRET-based assay for the identification and characterization of cereblon ligands
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Characterization of MCU-Binding Proteins MCUR1 and CCDC90B—Representatives of a Protein Family Conserved in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotic Organelles
J Adlakha, I Karamichali, J Sangwallek, S Deiss, K Bär, M Coles, ...
Structure, 2019
Glial and neuronal regulation of the lipid carrier R-FABP
T Helle, S Deiss, U Schwarz, B Schlosshauer
Experimental cell research 287 (1), 88-97, 2003
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