Noah Snyder-Mackler
Noah Snyder-Mackler
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Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals
N Snyder-Mackler, JR Burger, L Gaydosh, DW Belsky, GA Noppert, ...
Science 368 (6493), eaax9553, 2020
Social status alters immune regulation and response to infection in macaques
N Snyder-Mackler, J Sanz, JN Kohn, JF Brinkworth, S Morrow, AO Shaver, ...
Science 354 (6315), 1041-1045, 2016
Defining higher levels in the multilevel societies of geladas (Theropithecus gelada)
N Snyder-Mackler, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman
International Journal of Primatology 33 (5), 1054-1068, 2012
Concessions of an alpha male? Cooperative defence and shared reproduction in multi-male primate groups
N Snyder-Mackler, SC Alberts, TJ Bergman
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1743), 3788-3795, 2012
Efficient genome-wide sequencing and low-coverage pedigree analysis from noninvasively collected samples
N Snyder-Mackler, WH Majoros, ML Yuan, AO Shaver, JB Gordon, ...
Genetics 203 (2), 699-714, 2016
Genomewide ancestry and divergence patterns from low‐coverage sequencing data reveal a complex history of admixture in wild baboons
JD Wall, SA Schlebusch, SC Alberts, LA Cox, N Snyder‐Mackler, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (14), 3469-3483, 2016
Deconstructing sociality: the types of social connections that predict longevity in a group-living primate
S Ellis, N Snyder-Mackler, A Ruiz-Lambides, ML Platt, LJN Brent
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1917), 20191991, 2019
Highly heritable and functionally relevant breed differences in dog behaviour
EL MacLean, N Snyder-Mackler, BM VonHoldt, JA Serpell
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1912), 20190716, 2019
Evidence for tactical concealment in a wild primate
A Le Roux, N Snyder-Mackler, EK Roberts, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-6, 2013
Social status alters chromatin accessibility and the gene regulatory response to glucocorticoid stimulation in rhesus macaques
N Snyder-Mackler, J Sanz, JN Kohn, T Voyles, R Pique-Regi, ME Wilson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (4), 1219-1228, 2019
The ontogeny of social skills: experimental increases in social complexity enhance reproductive success in adult cowbirds
DJ White, AS Gersick, G Freed-Brown, N Snyder-Mackler
Animal Behaviour 79 (2), 385-390, 2010
Kinship and dominance rank influence the strength of social bonds in female geladas (Theropithecus gelada)
E Tinsley Johnson, N Snyder-Mackler, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman
International Journal of Primatology 35 (1), 288-304, 2014
Social status drives social relationships in groups of unrelated female rhesus macaques
N Snyder-Mackler, JN Kohn, LB Barreiro, ZP Johnson, ME Wilson, J Tung
Animal behaviour 111, 307-317, 2016
Seasonal shifts in the gut microbiome indicate plastic responses to diet in wild geladas
A Baniel, KR Amato, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman, A Mercer, RF Perlman, ...
Microbiome 9 (1), 1-20, 2021
The socio‐genetics of a complex society: female gelada relatedness patterns mirror association patterns in a multilevel society
N Snyder‐Mackler, SC Alberts, TJ Bergman
Molecular ecology 23 (24), 6179-6191, 2014
Social ‘predators’ within a multilevel primate society
DJ Pappano, N Snyder-Mackler, TJ Bergman, JC Beehner
Animal behaviour 84 (3), 653-658, 2012
Quantifying uncertainty due to fission–fusion dynamics as a component of social complexity
G Ramos-Fernandez, AJ King, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman, MC Crofoot, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1879), 20180532, 2018
Insights into the evolution of social systems and species from baboon studies
J Fischer, JP Higham, SC Alberts, L Barrett, JC Beehner, TJ Bergman, ...
Elife 8, 2019
Ontogeny of social skills: social complexity improves mating and competitive strategies in male brown-headed cowbirds
AS Gersick, N Snyder-Mackler, DJ White
Animal Behaviour 83 (5), 1171-1177, 2012
Dominance rank causally affects personality and glucocorticoid regulation in female rhesus macaques
JN Kohn, N Snyder-Mackler, LB Barreiro, ZP Johnson, J Tung, ME Wilson
Psychoneuroendocrinology 74, 179-188, 2016
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