Natalja Genina
Natalja Genina
Associate Professor
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Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) as a new drug carrier for 3D printed medical drug delivery devices
N Genina, J Holländer, H Jukarainen, E Mäkilä, J Salonen, N Sandler
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 90, 53-63, 2016
Three-dimensional printed PCL-based implantable prototypes of medical devices for controlled drug delivery
J Holländer, N Genina, H Jukarainen, M Khajeheian, A Rosling, E Mäkilä, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 105 (9), 2665-2676, 2016
Towards fabrication of 3D printed medical devices to prevent biofilm formation
N Sandler, I Salmela, A Fallarero, A Rosling, M Khajeheian, R Kolakovic, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 459 (1-2), 62-64, 2014
Anti-tuberculosis drug combination for controlled oral delivery using 3D printed compartmental dosage forms: From drug product design to in vivo testing
N Genina, JP Boetker, S Colombo, N Harmankaya, J Rantanen, A Bohr
Journal of controlled Release 268, 40-48, 2017
Tailoring controlled-release oral dosage forms by combining inkjet and flexographic printing techniques
N Genina, D Fors, H Vakili, P Ihalainen, L Pohjala, H Ehlers, ...
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences 47 (3), 615-623, 2012
Evaluation of different substrates for inkjet printing of rasagiline mesylate
N Genina, EM Janßen, A Breitenbach, J Breitkreutz, N Sandler
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 85 (3), 1075-1083, 2013
Printing technologies in fabrication of drug delivery systems
R Kolakovic, T Viitala, P Ihalainen, N Genina, J Peltonen, N Sandler
Expert opinion on drug delivery 10 (12), 1711-1723, 2013
QR encoded smart oral dosage forms by inkjet printing
M Edinger, D Bar-Shalom, N Sandler, J Rantanen, N Genina
International journal of pharmaceutics 536 (1), 138-145, 2018
A step toward development of printable dosage forms for poorly soluble drugs
D Raijada, N Genina, D Fors, E Wisaeus, J Peltonen, J Rantanen, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 102 (10), 3694-3704, 2013
Roadmap to 3D-printed oral pharmaceutical dosage forms: feedstock filament properties and characterization for fused deposition modeling
J Aho, JP Bøtker, N Genina, M Edinger, L Arnfast, J Rantanen
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 108 (1), 26-35, 2019
Behavior of printable formulations of loperamide and caffeine on different substrates—Effect of print density in inkjet printing
N Genina, D Fors, M Palo, J Peltonen, N Sandler
International journal of pharmaceutics 453 (2), 488-497, 2013
Improvement of dissolution rate of indomethacin by inkjet printing
H Wickström, M Palo, K Rijckaert, R Kolakovic, JO Nyman, A Määttänen, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 75, 91-100, 2015
Hyperspectral imaging in quality control of inkjet printed personalised dosage forms
H Vakili, R Kolakovic, N Genina, M Marmion, H Salo, P Ihalainen, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 483 (1-2), 244-249, 2015
Cryptopharmaceuticals: increasing the safety of medication by a blockchain of pharmaceutical products
L Nørfeldt, J Bøtker, M Edinger, N Genina, J Rantanen
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 108 (9), 2838-2841, 2019
Inhibitory activity of the isoflavone biochanin A on intracellular bacteria of genus Chlamydia and initial development of a buccal formulation
L Hanski, N Genina, H Uvell, K Malinovskaja, Å Gylfe, T Laaksonen, ...
PLoS One 9 (12), e115115, 2014
Hot melt extrusion as solvent-free technique for a continuous manufacturing of drug-loaded mesoporous silica
N Genina, B Hadi, K Löbmann
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 107 (1), 149-155, 2018
Perceptions, preferences and acceptability of patient designed 3D printed medicine by polypharmacy patients: A pilot study
MM Fastø, N Genina, S Kaae, S Kälvemark Sporrong
International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 41 (5), 1290-1298, 2019
Visualization and non-destructive quantification of inkjet-printed pharmaceuticals on different substrates using Raman spectroscopy and Raman chemical imaging
M Edinger, D Bar-Shalom, J Rantanen, N Genina
Pharmaceutical research 34, 1023-1036, 2017
Application of a colorimetric technique in quality control for printed pediatric orodispersible drug delivery systems containing propranolol hydrochloride
H Vakili, JO Nyman, N Genina, M Preis, N Sandler
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 511 (1), 606-618, 2016
Social aspects in additive manufacturing of pharmaceutical products
J Lind, S Kälvemark Sporrong, S Kaae, J Rantanen, N Genina
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 14 (8), 927-936, 2017
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