AKM Newaz
AKM Newaz
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Probing excitonic states in suspended two-dimensional semiconductors by photocurrent spectroscopy
AR Klots, AKM Newaz, B Wang, D Prasai, H Krzyzanowska, J Lin, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 6608, 2014
Electrical control of optical properties of monolayer MoS2
AKM Newaz, D Prasai, JI Ziegler, D Caudel, S Robinson, RF Haglund Jr, ...
Solid State Communications 155, 49-52, 2013
Probing charge scattering mechanisms in suspended graphene by varying its dielectric environment
AKM Newaz, YS Puzyrev, B Wang, ST Pantelides, KI Bolotin
Nature Communications 3 (1), 734, 2012
Electrical control of near-field energy transfer between quantum dots and two-dimensional semiconductors
D Prasai, AR Klots, AKM Newaz, JS Niezgoda, NJ Orfield, CA Escobar, ...
Nano letters 15 (7), 4374-4380, 2015
High responsivity, low dark current ultraviolet photodetectors based on two-dimensional electron gas interdigitated transducers
PF Satterthwaite, AS Yalamarthy, NA Scandrette, AKM Newaz, ...
ACS Photonics 5 (11), 4277-4282, 2018
Low-energy X-ray and ozone-exposure induced defect formation in graphene materials and devices
EX Zhang, AKM Newaz, B Wang, S Bhandaru, CX Zhang, DM Fleetwood, ...
IEEE transactions on nuclear science 58 (6), 2961-2967, 2011
Graphene transistor as a probe for streaming potential
AKM Newaz, DA Markov, D Prasai, KI Bolotin
Nano letters 12 (6), 2931-2935, 2012
Ozone-exposure and annealing effects on graphene-on-SiO2 transistors
EX Zhang, AKM Newaz, B Wang, CX Zhang, DM Fleetwood, KI Bolotin, ...
Applied physics letters 101 (12), 2012
Photoresponse of natural van der Waals heterostructures
K Ray, AE Yore, T Mou, S Jha, KKH Smithe, B Wang, E Pop, AKM Newaz
ACS nano 11 (6), 6024-6030, 2017
Large array fabrication of high performance monolayer MoS2 photodetectors
AE Yore, KKH Smithe, S Jha, K Ray, E Pop, AKM Newaz
Applied Physics Letters 111 (4), 2017
Layer-Dependent Interfacial Transport and Optoelectrical Properties of MoS2 on Ultraflat Metals
H Lee, S Deshmukh, J Wen, VZ Costa, JS Schuder, M Sanchez, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (34), 31543-31550, 2019
Drastic reduction of shot noise in semiconductor superlattices
W Song, AKM Newaz, JK Son, EE Mendez
Physical review letters 96 (12), 126803, 2006
60 A/W high voltage GaN avalanche photodiode demonstrating robust avalanche and high gain up to 525 K
D Ji, B Ercan, G Benson, AKM Newaz, S Chowdhury
Applied Physics Letters 116 (21), 2020
Electrical Stress and Total Ionizing Dose Effects on Transistors
CX Zhang, AKM Newaz, B Wang, EX Zhang, GX Duan, DM Fleetwood, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 61 (6), 2862-2867, 2014
Visualization of Defect-Induced Excitonic Properties of the Edges and Grain Boundaries in Synthesized Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide
AKMN A. E. Yore, K. K. H. Smithe, W. Crumrine, A. Miller, J. A. Tuck, B ...
Journa of Physical Chemistry C 120 (42), 24080–24087, 2016
Dimensional crossover and weak localization in a 90 nm n-GaAs thin film
AM Gilbertson, AKM Newaz, WJ Chang, R Bashir, SA Solin, LF Cohen
Applied Physics Letters 95 (1), 2009
Shot-noise characteristics of triple-barrier resonant-tunneling diodes
AKM Newaz, W Song, EE Mendez, Y Lin, J Nitta
Physical Review B 71 (19), 195303, 2005
Surface reactions and defect formation in irradiated graphene devices
YS Puzyrev, B Wang, EX Zhang, CX Zhang, AKM Newaz, KI Bolotin, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 59 (6), 3039-3044, 2012
Extraordinary electroconductance in metal-semiconductor hybrid structures
Y Wang, AKM Newaz, J Wu, SA Solin, VR Kavasseri, N Jin, IS Ahmed, ...
Applied physics letters 92 (26), 2008
A nanoscale Ti/GaAs metal-semiconductor hybrid sensor for room temperature light detection
AKM Newaz, WJ Chang, KD Wallace, LC Edge, SA Wickline, R Bashir, ...
Applied physics letters 97 (8), 2010
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