P. Chen
P. Chen
PhD, University of California, San Diego
Потвърден имейл адрес: pchen.net
Effects of hydrogen implantation damage on the performance of InP/InGaAs/InP< equation> pin</equation> photodiodes transferred on silicon
P Chen, WV Chen, PKL Yu, CW Tang, KM Lau, L Mawst, C Paulson, ...
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Numerical study of self-heating effects of MOSFETs fabricated on SOAN substrate
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X Liu, RKY Fu, RWY Poon, P Chen, PK Chu, C Ding
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L Shao, Y Lin, JK Lee, QX Jia, Y Wang, M Nastasi, PE Thompson, ...
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Performance improvement of GaN-based light-emitting diodes grown on patterned Si substrate transferred to copper
KM Lau, KM Wong, X Zou, P Chen
Optics Express 19 (104), A956-A961, 2011
Formation mechanism of alumina nanotubes and nanowires from highly ordered porous anodic alumina template
YF Mei, GG Siu, RKY Fu, P Chen, XL Wu, TF Hung, PK Chu, Y Yang
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InGaN-based light-emitting diodes grown and fabricated on nanopatterned Si substrates
D Deng, N Yu, Y Wang, X Zou, HC Kuo, P Chen, KM Lau
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Investigation of plasma hydrogenation and trapping mechanism for layer transfer
P Chen, PK Chu, T Hochbauer, JK Lee, M Nastasi, D Buca, S Mantl, ...
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High crystalline-quality III-V layer transfer onto Si substrate
P Chen, Y Jing, SS Lau, D Xu, L Mawst, TL Alford, C Paulson, TF Kuech
Applied Physics Letters 92 (9), 092107-092107-3, 2008
Microstructure and electrical properties of Al< sub> 2</sub> O< sub> 3</sub>–ZrO< sub> 2</sub> composite films for gate dielectric applications
M Zhu, P Chen, RKY Fu, W Liu, C Lin, PK Chu
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Transfer of GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes From Silicon Growth Substrate to Copper
KM Wong, X Zou, P Chen, KM Lau
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Integration of vertical InAs nanowire arrays on insulator-on-silicon for electrical isolation
SA Dayeh, P Chen, Y Jing, ET Yu, SS Lau, D Wang
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Effects of hydrogen implantation temperature on InP surface blistering
P Chen, Z Di, M Nastasi, E Bruno, MG Grimaldi, ND Theodore, SS Lau
Applied Physics Letters 92 (20), 202107-202107-3, 2008
Silicon carbide formation by methane plasma immersion ion implantation into silicon
Z An, RKY Fu, P Chen, W Liu, PK Chu, C Lin
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2003
AlN thin films fabricated by ultra-high vacuum electron-beam evaporation with ammonia for silicon-on-insulator application
M Zhu, P Chen, RKY Fu, W Liu, C Lin, PK Chu
Applied surface science 239 (3), 327-334, 2005
Integration of thin layers of single-crystalline InP with flexible substrates
W Chen, P Chen, JE Pulsifer, TL Alford, TF Kuech, SS Lau
Applied Physics Letters 92 (21), 212109-212109-3, 2008
Relaxed silicon–germanium-on-insulator substrates by oxygen implantation into pseudomorphic silicon germanium/silicon heterostructure
Z An, Y Wu, M Zhang, Z Di, C Lin, RKY Fu, P Chen, PK Chu, WY Cheung, ...
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Fabrication of silicon-on-SiO/diamondlike-carbon dual insulator using ion cutting and mitigation of self-heating effects
Z Di, PK Chu, M Zhu, RKY Fu, S Luo, L Shao, M Nastasi, P Chen, ...
Applied physics letters 88, 142108, 2006
Silicon layer transfer using plasma hydrogenation
P Chen, SS Lau, PK Chu, K Henttinen, T Suni, I Suni, ND Theodore, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (11), 111910-111910-3, 2005
H-induced platelet and crack formation in hydrogenated epitaxial Si∕ SiB∕ Si structures
L Shao, Y Lin, JG Swadener, JK Lee, QX Jia, YQ Wang, M Nastasi, ...
Applied physics letters 88, 021901, 2006
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