Tianheng Cheng
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Boundary-preserving Mask R-CNN
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Sparse instance activation for real-time instance segmentation
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Efficient and robust 2d-to-bev representation learning via geometry-guided kernel transformer
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BoxTeacher: Exploring High-Quality Pseudo Labels for Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation
T Cheng, X Wang, S Chen, Q Zhang, W Liu
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Bayesian cycle-consistent generative adversarial networks via marginalizing latent sampling
H You, Y Cheng, T Cheng, C Li, P Zhou
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Perceive, interact, predict: Learning dynamic and static clues for end-to-end motion prediction
B Jiang, S Chen, X Wang, B Liao, T Cheng, J Chen, H Zhou, Q Zhang, ...
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Knowledge mining with scene text for fine-grained recognition
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Symphonize 3D Semantic Scene Completion with Contextual Instance Queries
H Jiang*, T Cheng*, N Gao, H Zhang, W Liu, X Wang
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ProRes: Exploring Degradation-aware Visual Prompt for Universal Image Restoration
J Ma*, T Cheng*, G Wang, Q Zhang, X Wang, L Zhang
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Vma: Divide-and-conquer vectorized map annotation system for large-scale driving scene
S Chen, Y Zhang, B Liao, J Xie, T Cheng, W Sui, Q Zhang, C Huang, ...
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Azinorm: Exploiting the radial symmetry of point cloud for azimuth-normalized 3d perception
S Chen, X Wang, T Cheng, W Zhang, Q Zhang, C Huang, W Liu
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MobileInst: Video Instance Segmentation on the Mobile
R Zhang*, T Cheng*, S Yang, H Jiang, S Zhang, J Lyu, X Li, X Ying, ...
AAAI 2024, 2024
YOLO-World: Real-Time Open-Vocabulary Object Detection
T Cheng, L Song, Y Ge, W Liu, X Wang, Y Shan
CVPR 2024, 2024
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