Susanne Lildal Amsinck
Susanne Lildal Amsinck
Senior scientist of Biology, Aarhus University, Board member of DFC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Потвърден имейл адрес: dmu.dk
Zooplankton as indicators in lakes: a scientific-based plea for including zooplankton in the ecological quality assessment of lakes according to the European Water Framework …
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Reconstructing the historical changes in Daphnia mean size and planktivorous fish abundance in lakes from the size of Daphnia ephippia in the sediment
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Sub-fossils of cladocerans in the surface sediment of 135 lakes as proxies for community structure of zooplankton, fish abundance and lake temperature
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Major changes in trophic dynamics in large, deep sub‐alpine Lake Maggiore from 1940s to 2002: a high resolution comparative palaeo‐neolimnological study
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Fish and crustaceans in northeast Greenland lakes with special emphasis on interactions between Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), Lepidurus arcticus and benthic chydorids
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Lake depth rather than fish planktivory determines cladoceran community structure in Faroese lakes–evidence from contemporary data and sediments
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Relationships between environmental variables and zooplankton subfossils in the surface sediments of 36 shallow coastal brackish lakes with special emphasis on the role of fish
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Cladoceran stratigraphy in two shallow brackish lakes with special reference to changes in salinity, macrophyte abundance and fish predation
S Lildal Amsinck, E Jeppesen, D Ryves
Journal of Paleolimnology 29, 495-507, 2003
Inferring recent changes in the ecological state of 21 Danish candidate reference lakes (EU Water Framework Directive) using palaeolimnology
R Bjerring, EG Bradshaw, SL Amsinck, LS Johansson, BV Odgaard, ...
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Late quaternary environmental and cultural changes in the Wollaston Forland region, Northeast Greenland
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Reconstructing the salinity and environment of the Limfjord and Vejlerne Nature Reserve, Denmark, using a diatom model for brackish lakes and fjords
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Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 61 (10), 1988-2006, 2004
Rapid ecological shift following piscivorous fish introduction to increasingly eutrophic and warmer Lake Furnas (Azores Archipelago, Portugal): a paleoecological approach
T Buchaca, T Skov, SL Amsinck, V Gonçalves, JMN Azevedo, ...
Ecosystems 14, 458-477, 2011
The structuring role of fish in Greenland lakes: an overview based on contemporary and paleoecological studies of 87 lakes from the low and the high Arctic
E Jeppesen, TL Lauridsen, KS Christoffersen, F Landkildehus, ...
Hydrobiologia 800, 99-113, 2017
Inference of past changes in zooplankton community structure and planktivorous fish abundance from sedimentary subfossils- a study of a coastal lake subjected to major fish …
SL Amsinck, E Jeppesen, F Landkildehus
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 162 (3), 363-382, 2005
Mid-to late-Holocene land-use change and lake development at Dallund Sø, Denmark: trophic structure inferred from cladoceran subfossils
LS Johansson, SL Amsinck, R Bjerring, E Jeppesenl
The Holocene 15 (8), 1143-1151, 2005
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