Jason Hattrick-Simpers
Jason Hattrick-Simpers
Department of Materials Science and Engineering University of Toronto
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Combinatorial search of thermoelastic shape-memory alloys with extremely small hysteresis width
J Cui, YS Chu, OO Famodu, Y Furuya, J Hattrick-Simpers, RD James, ...
Nature materials 5 (4), 286-290, 2006
Accelerated discovery of metallic glasses through iteration of machine learning and high-throughput experiments
F Ren, L Ward, T Williams, KJ Laws, C Wolverton, J Hattrick-Simpers, ...
Science advances 4 (4), eaaq1566, 2018
Applications of high throughput (combinatorial) methodologies to electronic, magnetic, optical, and energy-related materials
ML Green, I Takeuchi, JR Hattrick-Simpers
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (23), 2013
Fulfilling the promise of the materials genome initiative with high-throughput experimental methodologies
ML Green, CL Choi, JR Hattrick-Simpers, AM Joshi, I Takeuchi, SC Barron, ...
Applied Physics Reviews 4 (1), 2017
Giant magnetostriction in annealed Co1−xFex thin-films
D Hunter, W Osborn, K Wang, N Kazantseva, J Hattrick-Simpers, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 518, 2011
On-the-fly closed-loop materials discovery via Bayesian active learning
AG Kusne, H Yu, C Wu, H Zhang, J Hattrick-Simpers, B DeCost, S Sarker, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 5966, 2020
The joint automated repository for various integrated simulations (JARVIS) for data-driven materials design
K Choudhary, KF Garrity, ACE Reid, B DeCost, AJ Biacchi, ...
npj computational materials 6 (1), 173, 2020
Can machine learning identify the next high-temperature superconductor? Examining extrapolation performance for materials discovery
B Meredig, E Antono, C Church, M Hutchinson, J Ling, S Paradiso, ...
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 3 (5), 819-825, 2018
Autonomous experimentation systems for materials development: A community perspective
E Stach, B DeCost, AG Kusne, J Hattrick-Simpers, KA Brown, KG Reyes, ...
Matter 4 (9), 2702-2726, 2021
Materials science in the artificial intelligence age: high-throughput library generation, machine learning, and a pathway from correlations to the underpinning physics
RK Vasudevan, K Choudhary, A Mehta, R Smith, G Kusne, F Tavazza, ...
MRS communications 9 (3), 821-838, 2019
Rapid structural mapping of ternary metallic alloy systems using the combinatorial approach and cluster analysis
CJ Long, J Hattrick-Simpers, M Murakami, RC Srivastava, I Takeuchi, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (7), 2007
Exploration of artificial multiferroic thin-film heterostructures using composition spreads
KS Chang, MA Aronova, CL Lin, M Murakami, MH Yu, J Hattrick-Simpers, ...
Applied Physics Letters 84 (16), 3091-3093, 2004
Tunable multiferroic properties in nanocomposite PbTiO–CoFeO epitaxial thin films
M Murakami, KS Chang, MA Aronova, CL Lin, HY Ming, JH Simpers, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87, 112901, 2005
Perspective: composition–structure–property mapping in high-throughput experiments: turning data into knowledge
JR Hattrick-Simpers, JM Gregoire, AG Kusne
APL Materials 4 (5), 2016
Multimode quantitative scanning microwave microscopy of in situ grown epitaxial BaSrTiO composition spreads
KS Chang, M Aronova, O Famodu, I Takeuchi, SE Lofland, ...
Applied Physics Letters 79, 4411, 2001
Data management and visualization of x-ray diffraction spectra from thin film ternary composition spreads
I Takeuchi, CJ Long, OO Famodu, M Murakami, J Hattrick-Simpers, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 76 (6), 2005
Scientific AI in materials science: a path to a sustainable and scalable paradigm
BL DeCost, JR Hattrick-Simpers, Z Trautt, AG Kusne, E Campo, ML Green
Machine learning: science and technology 1 (3), 033001, 2020
Combinatorial investigation of magnetostriction in Fe–Ga and Fe–Ga–Al
JR Hattrick-Simpers, D Hunter, CM Craciunescu, KS Jang, M Murakami, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (10), 2008
Generalized machine learning technique for automatic phase attribution in time variant high-throughput experimental studies
JK Bunn, S Han, Y Zhang, Y Tong, J Hu, JR Hattrick-Simpers
Journal of Materials Research 30 (7), 879-889, 2015
Semi-supervised approach to phase identification from combinatorial sample diffraction patterns
JK Bunn, J Hu, JR Hattrick-Simpers
Jom 68, 2116-2125, 2016
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