Greg Springsteen
Greg Springsteen
Professor of Chemistry, Furman University
Потвърден имейл адрес: furman.edu
A detailed examination of boronic acid–diol complexation
G Springsteen, B Wang
Tetrahedron 58 (26), 5291-5300, 2002
The relationship among pKa, pH, and binding constants in the interactions between boronic acids and diols—it is not as simple as it appears
J Yan, G Springsteen, S Deeter, B Wang
Tetrahedron 60 (49), 11205-11209, 2004
Alizarin Red S. as a general optical reporter for studying the binding of boronic acids with carbohydrates
G Springsteen, B Wang
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Regulating the fluorescence intensity of an anthracene boronic acid system: a B–N bond or a hydrolysis mechanism?
W Ni, G Kaur, G Springsteen, B Wang, S Franzen
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Selective derivatization and sequestration of ribose from a prebiotic mix
G Springsteen, GF Joyce
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (31), 9578-9583, 2004
A novel type of fluorescent boronic acid that shows large fluorescence intensity changes upon binding with a carbohydrate in aqueous solution at physiological pH
W Yang, J Yan, G Springsteen, S Deeter, B Wang
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 13 (6), 1019-1022, 2003
The Design of Boronic Acid Spectroscopic Reporter Compounds by Taking Advantage of the pKa-Lowering Effect of Diol Binding:  Nitrophenol-Based Color …
W Ni, H Fang, G Springsteen, B Wang
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 69 (6), 1999-2007, 2004
Linked cycles of oxidative decarboxylation of glyoxylate as protometabolic analogs of the citric acid cycle
G Springsteen, JR Yerabolu, J Nelson, CJ Rhea, R Krishnamurthy
Nature communications 9 (1), 91, 2018
A unified mechanism for abiotic adenine and purine synthesis in formamide
JS Hudson, JF Eberle, RH Vachhani, LC Rogers, JH Wade, ...
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A plausible metal-free ancestral analogue of the Krebs cycle composed entirely of α-ketoacids
RT Stubbs, M Yadav, R Krishnamurthy, G Springsteen
Nature chemistry 12 (11), 1016-1022, 2020
From formamide to purine: A self-catalyzed reaction pathway provides a feasible mechanism for the entire process
J Wang, J Gu, MT Nguyen, G Springsteen, J Leszczynski
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Conversion of a ribozyme to a deoxyribozyme through in vitro evolution
N Paul, G Springsteen, GF Joyce
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R Latta, G Springsteen, B Wang
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Catechol pendant polystyrene for solid-phase synthesis
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From formamide to purine: An energetically viable mechanistic reaction pathway
J Wang, J Gu, MT Nguyen, G Springsteen, J Leszczynski
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (8), 2314-2320, 2013
From formamide to adenine: a self-catalytic mechanism for an abiotic approach
J Wang, J Gu, MT Nguyen, G Springsteen, J Leszczynski
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The development of photometric sensors for boronic acids
G Springsteen, CE Ballard, S Gao, W Wang, B Wang
Bioorganic chemistry 29 (5), 259-270, 2001
The first fluorescent sensor for boronic and boric acids with sensitivity at sub-micromolar concentrations
W Wang, G Springsteen, S Gao, B Wang
Chemical Communications, 1283-1284, 2000
The messy alkaline formose reaction and its link to metabolism
A Omran, C Menor-Salvan, G Springsteen, M Pasek
Life 10 (8), 125, 2020
Astrobiology strategy
L Hays
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2015
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