Hardip R. Patel
Hardip R. Patel
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Widespread occurrence of 5-methylcytosine in human coding and non-coding RNA
JE Squires, HR Patel, M Nousch, T Sibbritt, DT Humphreys, BJ Parker, ...
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Genome-wide characterization of the routes to pluripotency
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Genome sequence of an Australian kangaroo, Macropus eugenii, provides insight into the evolution of mammalian reproduction and development
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Adaptation and conservation insights from the koala genome
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APOE* E2 allele delays age of onset in PSEN1 E280A Alzheimer’s disease
JI Vélez, F Lopera, D Sepulveda-Falla, HR Patel, AS Johar, A Chuah, ...
Molecular psychiatry 21 (7), 916-924, 2016
Mapping and significance of the mRNA methylome
T Sibbritt, HR Patel, T Preiss
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Complexity of murine cardiomyocyte miRNA biogenesis, sequence variant expression and function
DT Humphreys, CJ Hynes, HR Patel, GH Wei, L Cannon, D Fatkin, ...
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High-coverage sequencing and annotated assembly of the genome of the Australian dragon lizard Pogona vitticeps
A Georges, Q Li, J Lian, D O’Meally, J Deakin, Z Wang, P Zhang, M Fujita, ...
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Non-homologous sex chromosomes of birds and snakes share repetitive sequences
D O’Meally, HR Patel, R Stiglec, SD Sarre, A Georges, ...
Chromosome Research 18, 787-800, 2010
Microchromosomes are building blocks of bird, reptile, and mammal chromosomes
PD Waters, HR Patel, A Ruiz-Herrera, L Álvarez-González, NC Lister, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (45), e2112494118, 2021
Roquin binds microRNA-146a and Argonaute2 to regulate microRNA homeostasis
M Srivastava, G Duan, NJ Kershaw, V Athanasopoulos, JHC Yeo, T Ose, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6253, 2015
Small RNA changes en route to distinct cellular states of induced pluripotency
JL Clancy, HR Patel, SMI Hussein, PD Tonge, N Cloonan, AJ Corso, M Li, ...
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Balancing openness with Indigenous data sovereignty: An opportunity to leave no one behind in the journey to sequence all of life
AM Mc Cartney, J Anderson, L Liggins, ML Hudson, MZ Anderson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (4), e2115860119, 2022
Anchoring genome sequence to chromosomes of the central bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) enables reconstruction of ancestral squamate macrochromosomes …
JE Deakin, MJ Edwards, H Patel, D O’Meally, J Lian, R Stenhouse, ...
BMC genomics 17, 1-15, 2016
Evolution of vertebrate phototransduction: cascade activation
TD Lamb, H Patel, A Chuah, RC Natoli, WIL Davies, NS Hart, SP Collin, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 33 (8), 2064-2087, 2016
Dichloroacetate prevents cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity without compromising cisplatin anticancer properties
R Galgamuwa, K Hardy, JE Dahlstrom, AC Blackburn, E Wium, M Rooke, ...
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 27 (11), 3331-3344, 2016
Novel and rare functional genomic variants in multiple autoimmune syndrome and Sjögren’s syndrome
AS Johar, C Mastronardi, A Rojas-Villarraga, HR Patel, A Chuah, K Peng, ...
Journal of translational medicine 13, 1-11, 2015
ADGRL3 (LPHN3) variants predict substance use disorder
M Arcos-Burgos, JI Vélez, AF Martinez, M Ribasés, JA Ramos-Quiroga, ...
Translational psychiatry 9 (1), 42, 2019
Candidate gene discovery in autoimmunity by using extreme phenotypes, next generation sequencing and whole exome capture
AS Johar, JM Anaya, D Andrews, HR Patel, M Field, C Goodnow, ...
Autoimmunity reviews 14 (3), 204-209, 2015
The First Cytogenetic Map of the Tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus
D O’Meally, H Miller, HR Patel, JA Marshall Graves, T Ezaz
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 127 (2-4), 213-223, 2010
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