Jennifer Estall
Jennifer Estall
Associate Professor, IRCM, Montreal
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Prdm16 determines the thermogenic program of subcutaneous white adipose tissue in mice
P Seale, HM Conroe, J Estall, S Kajimura, A Frontini, J Ishibashi, P Cohen, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 121 (1), 96-105, 2011
Anti-diabetic drugs inhibit obesity-linked phosphorylation of PPARγ by Cdk5
JH Choi, AS Banks, JL Estall, S Kajimura, P Boström, D Laznik, JL Ruas, ...
Nature 466 (7305), 451-456, 2010
A PGC-1α isoform induced by resistance training regulates skeletal muscle hypertrophy
JL Ruas, JP White, RR Rao, S Kleiner, KT Brannan, BC Harrison, ...
Cell 151 (6), 1319-1331, 2012
Transcriptional control of adipose lipid handling by IRF4
J Eguchi, X Wang, S Yu, EE Kershaw, PC Chiu, J Dushay, JL Estall, ...
Cell metabolism 13 (3), 249-259, 2011
GLP-1 receptor activation improves β cell function and survival following induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress
B Yusta, LL Baggio, JL Estall, JA Koehler, DP Holland, H Li, D Pipeleers, ...
Cell metabolism 4 (5), 391-406, 2006
β-Aminoisobutyric acid induces browning of white fat and hepatic β-oxidation and is inversely correlated with cardiometabolic risk factors
LD Roberts, P Boström, JF O’Sullivan, RT Schinzel, GD Lewis, A Dejam, ...
Cell metabolism 19 (1), 96-108, 2014
The unfolded protein response mediates adaptation to exercise in skeletal muscle through a PGC-1α/ATF6α complex
J Wu, JL Ruas, JL Estall, KA Rasbach, JH Choi, L Ye, P Boström, HM Tyra, ...
Cell metabolism 13 (2), 160-169, 2011
Development of insulin resistance in mice lacking PGC-1α in adipose tissues
S Kleiner, RJ Mepani, D Laznik, L Ye, MJ Jurczak, FR Jornayvaz, JL Estall, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 109 (24), 9635-9640, 2012
Integrated Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism by Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) in Vivo
FM Fisher, JL Estall, AC Adams, PJ Antonellis, HA Bina, JS Flier, ...
Endocrinology 152 (8), 2996-3004, 2011
PGC-1α regulates a HIF2α-dependent switch in skeletal muscle fiber types
KA Rasbach, RK Gupta, JL Ruas, J Wu, E Naseri, JL Estall, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (50), 21866-21871, 2010
Glucagon-like peptide-2
JL Estall, DJ Drucker
Annu. Rev. Nutr. 26, 391-411, 2006
Sensitivity of lipid metabolism and insulin signaling to genetic alterations in hepatic peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor-γ coactivator-1α expression
JL Estall, M Kahn, MP Cooper, FM Fisher, MK Wu, D Laznik, L Qu, ...
Diabetes 58 (7), 1499-1508, 2009
PGC-1α negatively regulates hepatic FGF21 expression by modulating the heme/Rev-Erbα axis
JL Estall, JL Ruas, CS Choi, D Laznik, M Badman, E Maratos-Flier, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (52), 22510-22515, 2009
Mucosal adaptation to enteral nutrients is dependent on the physiologic actions of glucagon-like peptide-2 in mice
ED Shin, JL Estall, A Izzo, DJ Drucker, PL Brubaker
Gastroenterology 128 (5), 1340-1353, 2005
Glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-2 action in the murine central nervous system is enhanced by elimination of GLP-1 receptor signaling
J Lovshin, J Estall, B Yusta, TJ Brown, DJ Drucker
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (24), 21489-21499, 2001
Estrogen signals through peroxisome proliferator-activated Receptor− γ coactivator 1α to reduce oxidative damage associated with diet-induced fatty liver disease
A Besse-Patin, M Léveillé, D Oropeza, BN Nguyen, A Prat, JL Estall
Gastroenterology 152 (1), 243-256, 2017
Separation of the gluconeogenic and mitochondrial functions of PGC-1α through S6 kinase
Y Lustig, JL Ruas, JL Estall, JC Lo, S Devarakonda, D Laznik, JH Choi, ...
Genes & development 25 (12), 1232-1244, 2011
ErbB signaling is required for the proliferative actions of GLP-2 in the murine gut
B Yusta, D Holland, JA Koehler, M Maziarz, JL Estall, R Higgins, ...
Gastroenterology 137 (3), 986-996, 2009
Glucagon-like peptide-2 receptor activation engages bad and glycogen synthase kinase-3 in a protein kinase A-dependent manner and prevents apoptosis following inhibition of …
B Yusta, J Estall, DJ Drucker
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (28), 24896-24906, 2002
Glucagon and glucagon-like peptide receptors as drug targets
JL Estall, DJ Drucker
Current pharmaceutical design 12 (14), 1731-1750, 2006
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