Angelo Luiz Gobbi
Angelo Luiz Gobbi
Laboratório de Microfabricação - LNNano
Потвърден имейл адрес: lnnano.cnpem.br
Electrochemical detection in a paper-based separation device
RF Carvalhal, M Simão Kfouri, MH de Oliveira Piazetta, AL Gobbi, ...
Analytical chemistry 82 (3), 1162-1165, 2010
Separation and electrochemical detection of paracetamol and 4-aminophenol in a paper-based microfluidic device
LY Shiroma, M Santhiago, AL Gobbi, LT Kubota
Analytica chimica acta 725, 44-50, 2012
Simplified fabrication of integrated microfluidic devices using fused deposition modeling 3D printing
G Gaal, M Mendes, TP de Almeida, MHO Piazzetta, ÂL Gobbi, A Riul Jr, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 242, 35-40, 2017
Metal mesh resonant filters for terahertz frequencies
AM Melo, MA Kornberg, P Kaufmann, MH Piazzetta, EC Bortolucci, ...
Applied Optics 47 (32), 6064-6069, 2008
Physical‐electrical properties of silicon nitride deposited by PECVD on III–V semiconductors
A Piccirillo, AL Gobbi
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 137 (12), 3910, 1990
Optical paper-based sensor for ascorbic acid quantification using silver nanoparticles
DCM Ferreira, GF Giordano, CCSP Soares, JFA de Oliveira, RK Mendes, ...
Talanta 141, 188-194, 2015
Cross-shaped terahertz metal mesh filters: Historical review and results
AM Melo, AL Gobbi, MHO Piazzetta, AMPA Da Silva
Advances in Optical Technologies 2012, 2012
Microfluidic electronic tongue
CM Daikuzono, CAR Dantas, D Volpati, CJL Constantino, MHO Piazzetta, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 207, 1129-1135, 2015
A nanostructured bifunctional platform for sensing of glucose biomarker in artificial saliva: synergy in hybrid Pt/Au surfaces
PA Raymundo-Pereira, FM Shimizu, D Coelho, MHO Piazzeta, AL Gobbi, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 86, 369-376, 2016
Simple, expendable, 3D-printed microfluidic systems for sample preparation of petroleum
EM Kataoka, RC Murer, JM Santos, RM Carvalho, MN Eberlin, F Augusto, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (6), 3460-3467, 2017
Point-of-use electroanalytical platform based on homemade potentiostat and smartphone for multivariate data processing
GF Giordano, MBR Vicentini, RC Murer, F Augusto, MF Ferrão, GA Helfer, ...
Electrochimica Acta 219, 170-177, 2016
Information visualization and feature selection methods applied to detect gliadin in gluten-containing foodstuff with a microfluidic electronic tongue
CM Daikuzono, FM Shimizu, A Manzoli, A Riul Jr, MHO Piazzetta, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (23), 19646-19652, 2017
Self-regenerating and hybrid irreversible/reversible PDMS microfluidic devices
LS Shiroma, MHO Piazzetta, GF Duarte-Junior, WKT Coltro, E Carrilho, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 26032, 2016
Fabrication of glass microchannels by xurography for electrophoresis applications
PP de Santana, TP Segato, E Carrilho, RS Lima, N Dossi, MY Kamogawa, ...
Analyst 138 (6), 1660-1664, 2013
Reflecting polarizing beam splitter
CRA Lima, LL Soares, L Cescato, AL Gobbi
Optics letters 22 (4), 203-205, 1997
Growth and surface characterization of TiNbZr thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering for biomedical applications
DA Tallarico, AL Gobbi, PI Paulin Filho, MEHM da Costa, PAP Nascente
Materials Science and Engineering: C 43, 45-49, 2014
Fabrication of a multichannel PDMS/glass analytical microsystem with integrated electrodes for amperometric detection
NH Moreira, ALJ de Almeida, MH de Oliveira Piazzeta, DP de Jesus, ...
Lab on a Chip 9 (1), 115-121, 2009
A rapid and reliable bonding process for microchip electrophoresis fabricated in glass substrates
TP Segato, WKT Coltro, AL de Jesus Almeida, MH de Oliveira Piazetta, ...
Electrophoresis 31 (15), 2526-2533, 2010
Sacrificial adhesive bonding: a powerful method for fabrication of glass microchips
RS Lima, PAGC Leão, MHO Piazzetta, AM Monteiro, LY Shiroma, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 13276, 2015
A simple architecture with self-assembled monolayers to build immunosensors for detecting the pancreatic cancer biomarker CA19-9
AC Soares, JC Soares, FM Shimizu, V da Cruz Rodrigues, IT Awan, ...
Analyst 143 (14), 3302-3308, 2018
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