Núria Aquilué
Núria Aquilué
Postdoctoral fellow, CTFC, TÉLUQ and CEF
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How fire history, fire suppression practices and climate change affect wildfire regimes in Mediterranean landscapes
L Brotons, N Aquilué, M De Cáceres, MJ Fortin, A Fall
PLOS one 8 (5), e62392, 2013
The functional complex network approach to foster forest resilience to global changes
C Messier, J Bauhus, F Doyon, F Maure, R Sousa-Silva, P Nolet, M Mina, ...
Forest Ecosystems 6 (1), 1-16, 2019
Using unplanned fires to help suppressing future large fires in Mediterranean forests
A Regos, N Aquilué, J Retana, M De Cáceres, L Brotons
PLoS One 9 (4), e94906, 2014
The combined effects of land‐use legacies and novel fire regimes on bird distributions in the Mediterranean
M De Cáceres, L Brotons, N Aquilué, MJ Fortin
Journal of Biogeography 40 (8), 1535-1547, 2013
Fire and biodiversity in the Anthropocene
LT Kelly, KM Giljohann, A Duane, N Aquilué, S Archibald, E Batllori, ...
Science 370 (6519), 2020
Synergies between forest biomass extraction for bioenergy and fire suppression in Mediterranean ecosystems: insights from a storyline-and-simulation approach
A Regos, N Aquilué, I López, M Codina, J Retana, L Brotons
Ecosystems 19 (5), 786-802, 2016
Integrating fire spread patterns in fire modelling at landscape scale
A Duane, N Aquilue, A Gil-Tena, L Brotons
Environmental Modelling & Software 86, 219-231, 2016
Adapting prescribed burns to future climate change in Mediterranean landscapes
A Duane, N Aquilué, Q Canelles, A Morán-Ordoñez, M De Cáceres, ...
Science of the Total Environment 677, 68-83, 2019
Tools for exploring habitat suitability for steppe birds under land use change scenarios
L Cardador, M De Cáceres, D Giralt, G Bota, N Aquilué, B Arroyo, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 200, 119-125, 2015
A spatial allocation procedure to model land-use/land-cover changes: Accounting for occurrence and spread processes
N Aquilué, M De Cáceres, MJ Fortin, A Fall, L Brotons
Ecological Modelling 344, 73-86, 2017
Mediterranean fire regime effects on pine-oak forest landscape mosaics under global change in NE Spain
A Gil-Tena, N Aquilué, A Duane, M De Cáceres, L Brotons
European Journal of Forest Research 135 (2), 403-416, 2016
The potential of agricultural conversion to shape forest fire regimes in Mediterranean landscapes
N Aquilué, MJ Fortin, C Messier, L Brotons
Ecosystems 23 (1), 34-51, 2020
Tree species persistence under warming conditions: A key driver of forest response to climate change
M Bouchard, N Aquilué, C Périé, MC Lambert
Forest Ecology and Management 442, 96-104, 2019
Present forest management structures and policies in temperate forests of Mexico: Challenges and prospects for unique tree species assemblages
J Wallace, N Aquilué, C Archambault, S Carpentier, X Francoeur, ...
The Forestry Chronicle 91 (3), 306-317, 2015
Evaluating forest resilience to global threats using functional response traits and network properties
N Aquilué, É Filotas, D Craven, MJ Fortin, L Brotons, C Messier
Ecological Applications 30 (5), e02095, 2020
Future impact of climate extremes in the Mediterranean: Soil erosion projections when fire and extreme rainfall meet
A Morán‐Ordóñez, A Duane, A Gil‐Tena, M De Cáceres, N Aquilué, ...
Land Degradation & Development 31 (18), 3040-3054, 2020
Mountain farmland protection and fire-smart management jointly reduce fire hazard and enhance biodiversity and carbon sequestration
S Pais, N Aquilué, J Campos, Â Sil, B Marcos, F Martínez-Freiría, ...
Ecosystem Services 44, 101143, 2020
Global review on interactions between insect pests and other forest disturbances
Q Canelles, N Aquilué, PMA James, J Lawler, L Brotons
Landscape Ecology, 1-28, 2021
Network analysis can guide resilience‐based management in forest landscapes under global change
M Mina, C Messier, M Duveneck, MJ Fortin, N Aquilué
Ecological Applications 31 (1), e2221, 2021
From stand to landscape: modelling post-fire regeneration and species growth
Q Canelles, N Aquilué, A Duane, L Brotons
Ecological Modelling 404, 103-111, 2019
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