Shankar Ghosh
Shankar Ghosh
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Carbon nanotube flow sensors
S Ghosh, AK Sood, N Kumar
Science 299 (5609), 1042-1044, 2003
Water at nanoscale confined in single-walled carbon nanotubes studied by NMR
S Ghosh, KV Ramanathan, AK Sood
Europhysics Letters 65 (5), 678, 2004
Flow-induced voltage and current generation in carbon nanotubes
S Ghosh, AK Sood, S Ramaswamy, N Kumar
Physical Review B 70 (20), 205423, 2004
Recharging and rejuvenation of decontaminated N95 masks
E Hossain, S Bhadra, H Jain, S Das, A Bhattacharya, S Ghosh, D Levine
Physics of Fluids 32 (9), 2020
Carbon nanotubes provide a charge
AE Cohen
Science 300 (5623), 1235-1236, 2003
Raman scattering in Ca Fe O 3 and La 0.33 Sr 0.67 Fe O 3 across the charge-disproportionation phase transition
S Ghosh, N Kamaraju, M Seto, A Fujimori, Y Takeda, S Ishiwata, ...
Physical Review B 71 (24), 245110, 2005
A high-precision study of hindered diffusion near a wall
P Sharma, S Ghosh, S Bhattacharya
Applied Physics Letters 97 (10), 2010
Universal, geometry-driven hydrophobic behaviour of bare metal nanowire clusters
P Bhattacharya, S Gohil, J Mazher, S Ghosh, P Ayyub
Nanotechnology 19 (7), 075709, 2008
Direct generation of a voltage and current by gas flow over carbon nanotubes and semiconductors
AK Sood, S Ghosh
Physical review letters 93 (8), 086601, 2004
Displacive-type ferroelectricity from magnetic correlations within spin-chain
T Basu, VVR Kishore, S Gohil, K Singh, N Mohapatra, S Bhattacharjee, ...
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 5636, 2014
Soft colloidal scaffolds capable of elastic recovery after large compressive strains
R Rajamanickam, S Kumari, D Kumar, S Ghosh, JC Kim, G Tae, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (17), 5161-5168, 2014
Strains induced in carbon nanotubes due to the presence of ions: Ab initio restricted Hatree–Fock calculations
S Ghosh, V Gadagkar, AK Sood
Chemical Physics Letters 406 (1-3), 10-14, 2005
Microrheology of a sticking transition
P Sharma, S Ghosh, S Bhattacharya
Nature Physics 4 (12), 960-966, 2008
Implications of magnetic and magnetodielectric behavior of GdCrTiO5
T Basu, K Singh, S Gohil, S Ghosh, EV Sampathkumaran
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (23), 2015
Multiferroic behavior in elemental selenium below 40 K: effect of electronic topology
A Pal, SN Shirodkar, S Gohil, S Ghosh, UV Waghmare, P Ayyub
Scientific Reports 3 (1), 2051, 2013
Rheology of hydrating cement paste: Crossover between two aging processes
A Varshney, S Gohil, BA Chalke, RD Bapat, S Mazumder, S Bhattacharya, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 95, 226-231, 2017
Self organization of exotic oil-in-oil phases driven by tunable electrohydrodynamics
A Varshney, S Ghosh, S Bhattacharya, A Yethiraj
Scientific Reports 2 (1), 738, 2012
Weak adhesion at the mesoscale: particles at an interface
D Kumar, S . Bhattacharya, S Ghosh
Soft Matter 9, 6618-6633, 2013
Electrochemical tuning of band structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes probed by in situ resonance Raman scattering
S Ghosh, AK Sood, CNR Rao
Journal of applied physics 92 (2), 1165-1167, 2002
Amorphous to amorphous transition in particle rafts
A Varshney, A Sane, S Ghosh, S Bhattacharya
Physical Review E 86 (3), 031402, 2012
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