David Penny
David Penny
Professor of theoretical Biology, Massey University
Потвърден имейл адрес: massey.ac.nz
Evolutionary analysis of Arabidopsis, cyanobacterial, and chloroplast genomes reveals plastid phylogeny and thousands of cyanobacterial genes in the nucleus
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From gene trees to organismal phylogeny in prokaryotes: the case of the γ-Proteobacteria
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A genome phylogeny for mitochondria among α-proteobacteria and a predominantly eubacterial ancestry of yeast nuclear genes
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Modern humans did not admix with Neanderthals during their range expansion into Europe
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Relics from the RNA world
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Early penguin fossils, plus mitochondrial genomes, calibrate avian evolution
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Conserved sequence motifs, alignment, and secondary structure for the third domain of animal 12S rRNA.
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Testing the theory of evolution by comparing phylogenetic trees constructed from five different protein sequences
D Penny, LR Foulds, MD Hendy
Nature 297 (5863), 197-200, 1982
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