Ching-Ho Chang
Ching-Ho Chang
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Islands of retroelements are major components of Drosophila centromeres
CH Chang, A Chavan, J Palladino, X Wei, NMC Martins, B Santinello, ...
PLoS biology 17 (5), e3000241, 2019
Firefly genomes illuminate parallel origins of bioluminescence in beetles
TR Fallon, SE Lower, CH Chang, M Bessho-Uehara, GJ Martin, ...
Elife 7, e36495, 2018
The evolution of venom by co-option of single-copy genes
EO Martinson, YD Kelkar, CH Chang, JH Werren
Current Biology 27 (13), 2007-2013. e8, 2017
Heterochromatin-Enriched Assemblies Reveal the Sequence and Organization of the Drosophila melanogaster Y Chromosome
CH Chang, AM Larracuente
Genetics 211 (1), 333-348, 2019
Meiotic drive mechanisms: lessons from Drosophila
C Courret, CH Chang, KHC Wei, C Montchamp-Moreau, AM Larracuente
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1913), 20191430, 2019
Evolution of genome structure in the Drosophila simulans species complex
M Chakraborty, CH Chang, DE Khost, J Vedanayagam, JR Adrion, Y Liao, ...
Genome research 31 (3), 380-396, 2021
The persistence of facultative parthenogenesis in Drosophila albomicans
C Chang, CT Ting, CH Chang, S Fang, H Chang
PLoS One 9 (11), e113275, 2014
Genomic changes following the reversal of a Y chromosome to an autosome in Drosophila pseudoobscura
CH Chang, AM Larracuente
Evolution 71 (5), 1285-1296, 2017
Early-stage evolution of the neo-Y chromosome in Drosophila albomicans
CH Cheng, CH Chang, H Chang
Zool Stud 50, 338-349, 2011
Early-stage evolution of the neo-Y chromosome in Drosophila albomicans
CH Chang
Thesis. 臺灣大學生態學與演化生物學研究所學位論文, 1-94, 2011
Distinct spermiogenic phenotypes underlie sperm elimination in the Segregation Distorter meiotic drive system
M Herbette, X Wei, CH Chang, AM Larracuente, B Loppin, R Dubruille
PLoS genetics 17 (7), e1009662, 2021
Unique structure and positive selection promote the rapid divergence of Drosophila Y chromosomes
CH Chang, LE Gregory, KE Gordon, CD Meiklejohn, AM Larracuente
Elife 11, e75795, 2022
Cellular proliferation in mouse and human pancreatic islets is regulated by serpin B13 inhibition and downstream targeting of E-cadherin by cathepsin L
CW Lo, Y Kryvalap, T Sheu, CH Chang, J Czyzyk
Diabetologia 62 (5), 822-834, 2019
Putting the brakes on centromere drive in Mimulus
CH Chang, HS Malik
PLoS Genetics 17 (4), e1009494, 2021
Epistatic selection on a selfish Segregation Distorter supergene: drive, recombination, and genetic load
B Navarro-Dominguez, CH Chang, CL Brand, CA Muirhead, ...
Elife 11, e78981, 2022
Genetic conflicts between sex chromosomes drive expansion and loss of sperm nuclear basic protein genes in Drosophila
CH Chang, HS Malik
bioRxiv, 2022
Meiotic Drive and Rapid Genome Evolution in Drosophila
CH Chang
University of Rochester, 2020
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