Paul Dodson
Paul Dodson
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Alcohol-induced motor impairment caused by increased extrasynaptic GABAA receptor activity
HJ Hanchar, PD Dodson, RW Olsen, TS Otis, M Wallner
Nature neuroscience 8 (3), 339-345, 2005
Deficits in dopaminergic transmission precede neuron loss and dysfunction in a new Parkinson model
S Janezic, S Threlfell, PD Dodson, MJ Dowie, TN Taylor, D Potgieter, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (42), E4016-E4025, 2013
Two heteromeric Kv1 potassium channels differentially regulate action potential firing
PD Dodson, MC Barker, ID Forsythe
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (16), 6953-6961, 2002
Prototypic and arkypallidal neurons in the dopamine-intact external globus pallidus
A Abdi, N Mallet, FY Mohamed, A Sharott, PD Dodson, KC Nakamura, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (17), 6667-6688, 2015
HCN1 channels control resting and active integrative properties of stellate cells from layer II of the entorhinal cortex
MF Nolan, JT Dudman, PD Dodson, B Santoro
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (46), 12440-12451, 2007
Presynaptic K+ channels: electrifying regulators of synaptic terminal excitability
PD Dodson, ID Forsythe
Trends in neurosciences 27 (4), 210-217, 2004
Tuning of synaptic integration in the medial entorhinal cortex to the organization of grid cell firing fields
DLF Garden, PD Dodson, C O'Donnell, MD White, MF Nolan
Neuron 60 (5), 875-889, 2008
Presynaptic rat Kv1. 2 channels suppress synaptic terminal hyperexcitability following action potential invasion
PD Dodson, B Billups, Z Rusznák, G Szûcs, MC Barker, ID Forsythe
The Journal of physiology 550 (1), 27-33, 2003
Representation of spontaneous movement by dopaminergic neurons is cell-type selective and disrupted in parkinsonism
PD Dodson, JK Dreyer, KA Jennings, ECJ Syed, R Wade-Martins, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (15), E2180-E2188, 2016
Distinct developmental origins manifest in the specialized encoding of movement by adult neurons of the external globus pallidus
PD Dodson, JT Larvin, JM Duffell, FN Garas, NM Doig, N Kessaris, ...
Neuron 86 (2), 501-513, 2015
Basis of the gabamimetic profile of ethanol
GR Breese, HE Criswell, M Carta, PD Dodson, HJ Hanchar, RT Khisti, ...
Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research 30 (4), 731-744, 2006
Hippocampal theta input to the amygdala shapes feedforward inhibition to gate heterosynaptic plasticity
M Bazelot, M Bocchio, Y Kasugai, D Fischer, PD Dodson, F Ferraguti, ...
Neuron 87 (6), 1290-1303, 2015
LRRK2 BAC transgenic rats develop progressive, L-DOPA-responsive motor impairment, and deficits in dopamine circuit function
M Sloan, J Alegre-Abarrategui, D Potgieter, AK Kaufmann, R Exley, ...
Human molecular genetics 25 (5), 951-963, 2016
Transcription factors FOXA1 and FOXA2 maintain dopaminergic neuronal properties and control feeding behavior in adult mice
A Pristerà, W Lin, AK Kaufmann, KR Brimblecombe, S Threlfell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (35), E4929-E4938, 2015
Dorsal–ventral organization of theta‐like activity intrinsic to entorhinal stellate neurons is mediated by differences in stochastic current fluctuations
PD Dodson, H Pastoll, MF Nolan
The Journal of physiology 589 (12), 2993-3008, 2011
Coincidence of cholinergic pauses, dopaminergic activation and depolarisation of spiny projection neurons drives synaptic plasticity in the striatum
JNJ Reynolds, R Avvisati, PD Dodson, SD Fisher, MJ Oswald, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1296, 2022
Expression of GFP-tagged neuronal glutamate transporters in cerebellar Purkinje neurons
P Meera, PD Dodson, MH Karakossian, TS Otis
Neuropharmacology 49 (6), 883-889, 2005
Distributional coding of associative learning within projection-defined populations of midbrain dopamine neurons
R Avvisati, AK Kaufmann, CJ Young, GE Portlock, S Cancemi, RP Costa, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.07. 18.500429, 2022
Transporter Proteins in Neurons and Glia
TS Otis, PD Dodson
Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 1159-1166, 2010
Syringe Pump
P Dodson
University of Oxford, 2018
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