Anthony Michael George
Anthony Michael George
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Geophysical investigation of some prominent gully erosion sites in Calabar, southeastern Nigeria and its implications to hazard prevention
AE Akpan, NJ George, AM George
Disaster Advances 2 (3), 46-50, 2009
Aeromagnetic Modeling Of Subsurface Intrusives And Its Implication On Hydrocarbon Evaluation Of The Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria.
BCOAMG D. A. Obi, C. S. Okereke
European Journal of Scientific Research, 47 (3), 347-361, 2010
Determination of elastic properties of the overburden materials in parts of Akamkpa, southeastern Nigeria using seismic refraction studies.
IB George, N. J., Akpan, A.E., George, A. M. and Obot
Archives of Physics Research, 1 (2), 58-71, 2010
Geohydrological study of weathered basement aquifers in Oban Massif and environs Southeastern Nigeria: using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Techniques.
DAOAMG G. U. Sikakwe, E.E.U. Ntekim
IOSR Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics (IOSR-JAGG) 3 (2 Ver. I), 27-40, 2015
Fracture zone detection using very low frequency (VLF) electromagnetic method in parts of Oban Massif, southeastern Nigeria.
DA George A. Michael, Abong A. Agwul and Obi
Advances in Applied Science Research 4 (6), 104-121, 2013
Unusual ionospheric variations before the strong Auckland Islands, New Zealand earthquake of 30th September, 2007
JI Ibanga, AE Akpan, NJ George, AM Ekanem, AM George
NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics 7 (1), 149-154, 2018
Seismic Refraction Investigation of Groundwater Potential in parts of the Oban Massif, South-Eastern Nigeria,
A.M. George and E.E.Okwueze
Global Journal of Geological Sciences, 1 (1), 43-50, 2003
Geophysical assessment of vulnerability of surficial aquifer in the oil producing localities and riverine areas in the coastal region of Akwa Ibom state, southern Nigeria
NJ George, JG Atat, IE Udoinyang, AE Akpan, AM George
Current Science 113 (3), 430, 2017
Estimating the indices of inter-transmissibility magnitude of active surficial hydrogeologic units in Itu, Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria
NJ George, JC Ibuot, AM Ekanem, AM George
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 11 (6), 134, 2018
Comparative VES studies for the determination fo fracture orientation using azimuthal square array and Schlumberger array data in Awi within the Oban Massif, SE Nigeria
AM George, AE Akpan, CJ Uchegbu
Nigerian Journal of Physics 20 (1), 136-144, 2008
Investigation of time scale dependence of Gutenberg-Richter’s frequency-magnitude relationship in South Africa.
EA Abong, A. A, George, A.M, Awhuwhe
Int. Journal of Applied Sciences and Engineering Research, 5 (2), 129 - 136, 2016
Seismic Early Warning Foundation Conditions Evaluation Survey for Civil Engineering Constructions in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria
AMGNJG V. I. Obianwu1, J. T. Udoh
British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 6 (6), 583-596, 2015
Azimuthal square array resistivity sounding of shallow subsurface fracture distribution in parts of the eastern Basement complex of Nigeria
AA George, A. M, Okwueze, E. E and Abong
British Journal of Earth Sciences Research 2 (1), 1-18, 2014
DC-resistivity estimation of second porosity and anisotropy using azimuthal resistivity surveys: A case study of part of Oban massif and Obudu plateau, Southeastern, Nigeria
AM George, AA Okiwelu, DA Obi
Research Journal of Earth Sciences 2 (2), 24-29, 2010
Coupled geophysical characterization of shallow fluvio-clastic sediments in Agwagune, southeastern Nigeria
AE Akpan, SE Ekwok, ED Ebong, AM George, EE Okwueze
Journal of African Earth Sciences 143, 67-78, 2018
DC Resistivity Investigation of Anisotropy and Lateral Effect using Azimuthal Offset Wenner Array. a case Study of the University of Calabar, Nigeria.
AMAAA George
Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 4 (1), 53-60, 2014
International Geomagnetic reference field (IGRF) and its application to predicting geomagnetic elements and annual changes for Nigeria.
AAOAM George
The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. 10 (2), 772-781, 2009
Modeling Crustal Structures of Southern Nigeria Basins from Aeromagnetic Data: Implication on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
DA Obi, AM George
Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 1-12, 2018
Investigation of Seismicity in Parts of African Plate
AA Abong, AM George, MO Kanu, EB Ulem, PO Robert
Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 1-11, 2018
Structural Analysis Using Upwards Continuation / Lineaments Trends Analysis on Aeromagnetic Data: A Case Study of Southern Nigeria Basins
DAOAM George
Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International 14 (1), 1-19, 2018
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