Manuel Tiglio
Manuel Tiglio
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Turduckening black holes: an analytical and computational study
D Brown, P Diener, O Sarbach, E Schnetter, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 79 (4), 044023, 2009
Fast prediction and evaluation of gravitational waveforms using surrogate models
SE Field, CR Galley, JS Hesthaven, J Kaye, M Tiglio
Physical Review X 4 (3), 031006, 2014
Fast and accurate prediction of numerical relativity waveforms from binary black hole coalescences using surrogate models
J Blackman, SE Field, CR Galley, B Szilágyi, MA Scheel, M Tiglio, ...
Physical review letters 115 (12), 121102, 2015
Gauge-invariant perturbations of Schwarzschild black holes in horizon-penetrating coordinates
O Sarbach, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 64 (8), 084016, 2001
Continuum and discrete initial-boundary value problems and Einstein’s field equations
O Sarbach, M Tiglio
Living reviews in relativity 15 (1), 1-194, 2012
Hyperbolicity of the Baumgarte-Shapiro-Shibata-Nakamura system of Einstein evolution equations
O Sarbach, G Calabrese, J Pullin, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 66 (6), 064002, 2002
Optimized high-order derivative and dissipation operators satisfying summation by parts, and applications in three-dimensional multi-block evolutions
P Diener, EN Dorband, E Schnetter, M Tiglio
Journal of Scientific Computing 32, 109-145, 2007
Accelerated gravitational wave parameter estimation with reduced order modeling
P Canizares, SE Field, J Gair, V Raymond, R Smith, M Tiglio
Physical review letters 114 (7), 071104, 2015
A multi-block infrastructure for three-dimensional time-dependent numerical relativity
E Schnetter, P Diener, EN Dorband, M Tiglio
Classical and Quantum Gravity 23 (16), S553, 2006
Radiation reaction and gravitational waves in the effective field theory approach
CR Galley, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 79 (12), 124027, 2009
Well posed constraint-preserving boundary conditions for the linearized Einstein equations
G Calabrese, J Pullin, O Reula, O Sarbach, M Tiglio
Communications in Mathematical Physics 240, 377-395, 2003
Reduced basis catalogs for gravitational wave templates
SE Field, CR Galley, F Herrmann, JS Hesthaven, E Ochsner, M Tiglio
Physical Review Letters 106 (22), 221102, 2011
Test of Lorentz invariance with atmospheric neutrinos
K Abe, Y Haga, Y Hayato, M Ikeda, K Iyogi, J Kameda, Y Kishimoto, ...
Physical Review D 91 (5), 052003, 2015
Constraint-preserving boundary conditions in numerical relativity
G Calabrese, L Lehner, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 65 (10), 104031, 2002
Multi-block simulations in general relativity: high-order discretizations, numerical stability and applications
L Lehner, O Reula, M Tiglio
Classical and Quantum Gravity 22 (24), 5283, 2005
Summation by parts and dissipation for domains with excised regions
G Calabrese, L Lehner, O Reula, O Sarbach, M Tiglio
Classical and Quantum Gravity 21 (24), 5735, 2004
Gravitational wave parameter estimation with compressed likelihood evaluations
P Canizares, SE Field, JR Gair, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 87 (12), 124005, 2013
Numerical study of the quasinormal mode excitation of Kerr black holes
EN Dorband, E Berti, P Diener, E Schnetter, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 74 (8), 084028, 2006
Novel finite-differencing techniques for numerical relativity: application to black-hole excision
G Calabrese, L Lehner, D Neilsen, J Pullin, O Reula, O Sarbach, M Tiglio
Classical and Quantum Gravity 20 (20), L245, 2003
Excision without excision
D Brown, O Sarbach, E Schnetter, M Tiglio, P Diener, I Hawke, D Pollney
Physical Review D 76 (8), 081503, 2007
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