Bernd Schoene
Bernd Schoene
Geosciences, University of Mainz
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Climate records from a bivalved Methuselah (Arctica islandica, Mollusca; Iceland)
BR Schöne, J Fiebig, M Pfeiffer, R Gleβ, J Hickson, ALA Johnson, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 228 (1-2), 130-148, 2005
Cross-Calibration of Daily Growth Increments, Stable Isotope Variation, and Temperature in the Gulf of California Bivalve Mollusk Chione cortezi: Implications for …
DH Goodwin, KW Flessa, BR Schone, DL Dettman
Palaios 16 (4), 387-398, 2001
Mutvei's solution: an ideal agent for resolving microgrowth structures of biogenic carbonates
BR Schöne, E Dunca, J Fiebig, M Pfeiffer
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 228 (1-2), 149-166, 2005
Resolution and fidelity of oxygen isotopes as paleotemperature proxies in bivalve mollusk shells: models and observations
DH Goodwin, BR Schone, DL Dettman
Palaios 18 (2), 110-125, 2003
The Palaeoanthropocene–The beginnings of anthropogenic environmental change
SF Foley, D Gronenborn, MO Andreae, JW Kadereit, J Esper, D Scholz, ...
Anthropocene 3, 83-88, 2013
Sea surface water temperatures over the period 1884–1983 reconstructed from oxygen isotope ratios of a bivalve mollusk shell (Arctica islandica, southern North Sea)
BR Schöne, ADF Castro, J Fiebig, SD Houk, W Oschmann, I Kröncke
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 212 (3-4), 215-232, 2004
Bioavailable 87Sr/86Sr in different environmental samples—Effects of anthropogenic contamination and implications for isoscapes in past migration studies
AF Maurer, SJG Galer, C Knipper, L Beierlein, EV Nunn, D Peters, ...
Science of the Total Environment 433, 216-229, 2012
The curse of physiology—challenges and opportunities in the interpretation of geochemical data from mollusk shells
BR Schöne
Geo-Marine Letters 28 (5), 269-285, 2008
Daily Growth Rates in Shells of Arctica islandica: Assessing Sub-seasonal Environmental Controls on a Long-lived Bivalve Mollusk
BR Schöne, SD Houk, AD FREYRE CASTRO, J Fiebig, W Oschmann, ...
Palaios 20 (1), 78-92, 2005
North Atlantic Oscillation dynamics recorded in shells of a long-lived bivalve mollusk
BR Schöne, W Oschmann, J Rössler, ADF Castro, SD Houk, ...
Geology 31 (12), 1037-1040, 2003
Environmental controls on shell growth rates and δ18O of the shallow-marine bivalve mollusk Phacosoma japonicum in Japan
B Schöne, K Tanabe, DL Dettman, S Sato
Marine Biology 142 (3), 473-485, 2003
Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca ratios of ontogenetically old, long-lived bivalve shells (Arctica islandica) and their function as paleotemperature proxies
BR Schöne, Z Zhang, P Radermacher, J Thébault, DE Jacob, EV Nunn, ...
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 302 (1-2), 52-64, 2011
The use of oxygen isotope variation in shells of estuarine mollusks as a quantitative record of seasonal and annual Colorado River discharge
DL Dettman, KW Flessa, PD Roopnarine, BR Schöne, DH Goodwin
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68 (6), 1253-1263, 2004
Arctica islandica (Bivalvia): a unique paleoenvironmental archive of the northern North Atlantic Ocean
BR Schöne
Global and Planetary Change 111, 199-225, 2013
Coupled North Atlantic slope water forcing on Gulf of Maine temperatures over the past millennium
AD Wanamaker, KJ Kreutz, BR Schöne, N Pettigrew, HW Borns, ...
Climate Dynamics 31 (2), 183-194, 2008
Effect of organic matrices on the determination of the trace element chemistry (Mg, Sr, Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca) of aragonitic bivalve shells (Arctica islandica)—Comparison of ICP-OES …
BR Schöne, Z Zhang, D Jacob, DP Gillikin, T Tütken, D Garbe-Schönberg, ...
Geochemical journal 44 (1), 23-37, 2010
Unraveling environmental histories from skeletal diaries—advances in sclerochronology
BR Schöne, DP Gillikin
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 373, 1-5, 2013
A 217-year record of summer air temperature reconstructed from freshwater pearl mussels (M. margarifitera, Sweden)
BR Schöne, E Dunca, H Mutvei, U Norlund
Quaternary Science Reviews 23 (16-17), 1803-1816, 2004
Reconstructing daily temperatures from growth rates of the intertidal bivalve mollusk Chione cortezi (northern Gulf of California, Mexico)
BR Schöne, J Lega, KW Flessa, DH Goodwin, DL Dettman
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 184 (1-2), 131-146, 2002
High-resolution sclerochronological analysis of the bivalve mollusk Saxidomus gigantea from Alaska and British Columbia: techniques for revealing environmental archives and …
N Hallmann, M Burchell, BR Schöne, GV Irvine, D Maxwell
Journal of archaeological science 36 (10), 2353-2364, 2009
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