Jen-Inn Chyi
Jen-Inn Chyi
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Resonant cavity-enhanced (RCE) photodetectors
K Kishino, MS Unlu, JI Chyi, J Reed, L Arsenault, H Morkoc
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Light emitting diode element and method for fabricating the same
HC Lin, CM Lee, JI Chyi
US Patent 8,101,447, 2012
quantum-dot infrared photodetector with operating temperature up to 260 K
L Jiang, SS Li, NT Yeh, JI Chyi, CE Ross, KS Jones
Applied physics letters 82 (12), 1986-1988, 2003
AlN/GaN double-barrier resonant tunneling diodes grown by rf-plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy
A Kikuchi, R Bannai, K Kishino, CM Lee, JI Chyi
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Growth of InSb and InAs1−xSbx on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
JI Chyi, S Kalem, NS Kumar, CW Litton, H Morkoc
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metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
JW Johnson, B Luo, F Ren, BP Gila, W Krishnamoorthy, CR Abernathy, ...
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enhancement mode metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors
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GaN electronics for high power, high temperature applications
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JW Johnson, AP Zhang, WB Luo, F Ren, SJ Pearton, SS Park, YJ Park, ...
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Photocurrent studies of the carrier escape process from InAs self-assembled quantum dots
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High voltage GaN schottky rectifiers
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Interdiffusion of In and Ga in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells
CC Chuo, CM Lee, JI Chyi
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Comparison of GaN pin and Schottky rectifier performance
AP Zhan, GT Dang, F Ren, H Cho, KP Lee, SJ Pearton, JI Chyi, TY Nee, ...
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Vertical and lateral GaN rectifiers on free-standing GaN substrates
AP Zhang, JW Johnson, B Luo, F Ren, SJ Pearton, SS Park, YJ Park, ...
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Tuning the energy levels of self-assembled InAs quantum dots by rapid thermal annealing
TM Hsu, YS Lan, WH Chang, NT Yeh, JI Chyi
Applied Physics Letters 76 (6), 691-693, 2000
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