I Wayan Arka
I Wayan Arka
Professor, Linguistics, Australian National University, CIRHSS Universitas Udayana
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Voice and grammatical relations in Indonesian: A new perspective
IW Arka, C Manning
CSLI, 1998
Syntactic ergativity in Balinese: an argument structure based theory
S Wechsler, IW Arka
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IW Arka
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Passive without passive morphology? Evidence from Manggarai
IW Arka, J Kosmas
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From morphosyntax to pragmatics in Balinese
IW Arka
Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Linguistics Department, University of Sydney, 1998
Pargrambank: The pargram parallel treebank
S Sulger, M Butt, TH King, P Meurer, T Laczkó, G Rákosi, CMB Dione, ...
Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2013
Voice systems in the Austronesian languages of Nusantara: Typology, symmetricality and Undergoer orientation
IW Arka
The Australian National University, 2002
Language management and minority language maintenance in (eastern) Indonesia: strategic issues
IW Arka
Language Documentation & Conservation 7, 2013
Verbal number, argument number and plural events in Marori
IW Arka
CSU publications, Ventura Hall, Stanford University USA, 2012
6. The languages of Southern New Guinea
N Evans, W Arka, M Carroll, YJ Choi, C Döhler, V Gast, E Kashima, ...
The languages and linguistics of the New Guinea area, 641-774, 2017
The many faces of Austronesian voice systems: Some new empirical studies
IW Arka, M Ross
Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The …, 2005
A two-level morphological analyser for the indonesian language
F Pisceldo, R Mahendra, R Manurung, IW Arka
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Speech levels, social predicates and pragmatic structure in Balinese: A lexical approach
IW Arka
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Morpholexical aspects of the-kan causative in Indonesian
IW Arka
Master in Philosophy thesis, University of Sidney, 1993
Maintaining Vera in Rongga: Struggles over culture, tradition, and language in modern Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia
IW Arka
Endangered languages of Austronesia, 2009
A linguistic and computational morphosyntactic analysis for the applicative-i in Indonesian
IW Arka, M Dalrymple, M Mistica, S Mofu, A Andrews, J Simpson, M Butt, ...
Proceedings of the LFG 2009 conference, 85-105, 2009
The core-oblique distinction and core index in some Austronesian languages of Indonesia
IW Arka
International ALT VI (Association of Linguistic Typology) conference, Padang …, 2005
From morphosyntax to pragmatics in Balinese: a Lexical-Functional approach
IW Arka
Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney, 1998
Control and complex arguments in Balinese
IW Arka, J Simpson
The Proceedings of the LFG'98 Conference, 1998
Constructive number systems in Marori and beyond
IW Arka
CSLI Publications, 2011
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