Louis "Bobby" Hollingsworth
Louis "Bobby" Hollingsworth
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
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FDA-approved disulfiram inhibits pyroptosis by blocking gasdermin D pore formation
JJ Hu, X Liu, S Xia, Z Zhang, Y Zhang, J Zhao, J Ruan, X Luo, X Lou, ...
Nature immunology 21 (7), 736-745, 2020
DPP9 sequesters the C terminus of NLRP1 to repress inflammasome activation
LR Hollingsworth, H Sharif, AR Griswold, P Fontana, J Mintseris, ...
Nature 592 (7856), 778-783, 2021
Mechanism and regulation of gasdermin-mediated cell death
S Xia, LR Hollingsworth, H Wu
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 12 (3), a036400, 2020
Bromodomain inhibitors correct bioenergetic deficiency caused by mitochondrial disease complex I mutations
JJ Barrow, E Balsa, F Verdeguer, CDJ Tavares, MS Soustek, ...
Molecular cell 64 (1), 163-175, 2016
Mechanism of filament formation in UPA-promoted CARD8 and NLRP1 inflammasomes
LR Hollingsworth, L David, Y Li, AR Griswold, J Ruan, H Sharif, P Fontana, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-13, 2021
Dipeptidyl peptidase 9 sets a threshold for CARD8 inflammasome formation by sequestering its active C-terminal fragment
H Sharif, LR Hollingsworth, AR Griswold, JC Hsiao, Q Wang, ...
Immunity 54 (7), 1392-1404. e10, 2021
HIV-1 Env gp41 transmembrane domain dynamics are modulated by lipid, water, and ion interactions
LR Hollingsworth, JA Lemkul, DR Bevan, AM Brown
Biophysical journal 115 (1), 84-94, 2018
Computational study of HIV gp120 as a target for polyanionic entry inhibitors: Exploiting the V3 loop region
LR Hollingsworth IV, AM Brown, RD Gandour, DR Bevan
PLoS One 13 (1), e0190658, 2018
NINJ1 mediates plasma membrane rupture by cutting and releasing membrane disks
L David, JP Borges, LR Hollingsworth, A Volchuk, I Jansen, E Garlick, ...
Cell 187 (9), 2224-2235. e16, 2024
Molecular evolution of genes encoding allergen proteins in the peanuts genus Arachis: Structural and functional implications
KW Hilu, SA Friend, V Vallanadu, AM Brown, LR Hollingsworth IV, ...
Plos one 14 (11), e0222440, 2019
Spatiotemporal proteomic profiling of cellular responses to NLRP3 agonists
LR Hollingsworth, P Veeraraghavan, J Paulo, JW Harper
https://harperlab.pubpub.org/pub/nlrp3/, 2024
Host E3 ubiquitin ligase ITCH mediates Toxoplasma gondii effector GRA35-triggered NLRP1 inflammasome activation and cell-autonomous immunity
Y Wang, LR Hollingsworth, LO Sangaré, TC Paredes-Santos, ...
Mbio, e03302-23, 2024
Molecular mechanisms for the regulation and assembly of the NLRP1 and CARD8 inflammasomes
LR Hollingsworth
Harvard University, 2022
Speak out against tuition waiver taxes
LR Hollingsworth IV, P Veeraraghavan, KJ Wu, DE McCoy, A Van Dervort, ...
Science 358 (6369), 1395-1395, 2017
Utilizing Computational Techniques to Accelerate Discovery in Peanut Allergenicity: A Case Study
LR Hollingsworth IV, AM Brown, DR Bevan
Proceedings of the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing …, 2017
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