Diego Castillo-Barnes
Diego Castillo-Barnes
Posdoctoral researcher at University of Malaga (Spain)
Потвърден имейл адрес: ugr.es
Studying the manifold structure of Alzheimer's disease: a deep learning approach using convolutional autoencoders
FJ Martinez-Murcia, A Ortiz, JM Gorriz, J Ramirez, D Castillo-Barnes
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 24 (1), 17-26, 2019
Ensemble of random forests One vs. Rest classifiers for MCI and AD prediction using ANOVA cortical and subcortical feature selection and partial least squares
J Ramírez, JM Górriz, A Ortiz, FJ Martínez-Murcia, F Segovia, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 302, 47-57, 2018
Computational approaches to Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Advances in theory, applications and trends
JM Górriz, I Álvarez-Illán, A Álvarez-Marquina, JE Arco, M Atzmueller, ...
Information Fusion 100, 101945, 2023
Robust ensemble classification methodology for I123-Ioflupane SPECT images and multiple heterogeneous biomarkers in the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
D Castillo-Barnes, J Ramírez, F Segovia, FJ Martínez-Murcia, ...
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 12, 53, 2018
A 3D convolutional neural network approach for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease
FJ Martinez-Murcia, A Ortiz, JM Górriz, J Ramírez, F Segovia, ...
Natural and Artificial Computation for Biomedicine and Neuroscience …, 2017
Assisted diagnosis of Parkinsonism based on the striatal morphology
F Segovia, JM Górriz, J Ramírez, FJ Martínez-Murcia, D Castillo-Barnes
International Journal of neural systems 29 (09), 1950011, 2019
Morphological characterization of functional brain imaging by isosurface analysis in Parkinson’s disease
D Castillo-Barnes, FJ Martinez-Murcia, A Ortiz, D Salas-Gonzalez, ...
International journal of neural systems 30 (09), 2050044, 2020
Statistical Agnostic Mapping: A framework in neuroimaging based on concentration inequalities
JM Górriz, C Jimenez-Mesa, R Romero-Garcia, F Segovia, J Ramirez, ...
Information Fusion 66, 198-212, 2021
Optimized one vs one approach in multiclass classification for early Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment diagnosis
C Jimenez-Mesa, IA Illán, A Martin-Martin, D Castillo-Barnes, ...
IEEE Access 8, 96981-96993, 2020
Periodogram connectivity of EEG signals for the detection of dyslexia
FJ Martínez-Murcia, A Ortiz, R Morales-Ortega, PJ López, JL Luque, ...
Understanding the Brain Function and Emotions: 8th International Work …, 2019
Expectation–Maximization algorithm for finite mixture of α-stable distributions
D Castillo-Barnes, FJ Martínez-Murcia, J Ramírez, JM Górriz, ...
Neurocomputing 413, 210-216, 2020
Autosomal dominantly inherited alzheimer disease: Analysis of genetic subgroups by machine learning
D Castillo-Barnes, L Su, J Ramírez, D Salas-Gonzalez, ...
Information Fusion 58, 153-167, 2020
Deep convolutional autoencoders vs PCA in a highly-unbalanced Parkinson’s disease dataset: A DaTSCAN study
FJ Martinez-Murcia, A Ortiz, JM Gorriz, J Ramirez, D Castillo-Barnes, ...
International Joint Conference SOCO’18-CISIS’18-ICEUTE’18: San Sebastián …, 2019
Functional brain imaging synthesis based on image decomposition and kernel modeling: Application to neurodegenerative diseases
FJ Martinez-Murcia, JM Górriz, J Ramírez, IA Illán, F Segovia, ...
Frontiers in neuroinformatics 11, 65, 2017
A semi-supervised learning approach for model selection based on class-hypothesis testing
JM Gorriz, J Ramirez, J Suckling, FJ Martínez-Murcia, IA Illán, F Segovia, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 90, 40-49, 2017
Quantifying differences between affine and nonlinear spatial normalization of FP-CIT SPECT images
D Castillo-Barnes, C Jimenez-Mesa, FJ Martinez-Murcia, ...
International Journal of Neural Systems 32 (05), 2250019, 2022
Granger causality-based information fusion applied to electrical measurements from power transformers
J Rodriguez-Rivero, J Ramirez, FJ Martínez-Murcia, F Segovia, A Ortiz, ...
Information Fusion 57, 59-70, 2020
Using explainable artificial intelligence in the clock drawing test to reveal the cognitive impairment pattern
C Jiménez-Mesa, JE Arco, M Valentí-Soler, B Frades-Payo, ...
International Journal of Neural Systems 33 (04), 2350015, 2023
Quantifying inter-hemispheric differences in Parkinson’s disease using siamese networks
JE Arco, A Ortiz, D Castillo-Barnes, JM Górriz, J Ramírez
International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and …, 2022
Assessing mild cognitive impairment progression using a spherical brain mapping of magnetic resonance imaging
FJ Martinez-Murcia, JM Górriz, J Ramirez, F Segovia, D Salas-Gonzalez, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 65 (3), 713-729, 2018
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