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Patrick BARIL
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Periostin promotes invasiveness and resistance of pancreatic cancer cells to hypoxia-induced cell death: role of the β 4 integrin and the PI3k pathway
P Baril, R Gangeswaran, PC Mahon, K Caulee, HM Kocher, T Harada, ...
Oncogene 26 (14), 2082-2094, 2007
Genome-wide DNA copy number analysis in pancreatic cancer using high-density single nucleotide polymorphism arrays
T Harada, C Chelala, V Bhakta, T Chaplin, K Caulee, P Baril, BD Young, ...
Oncogene 27 (13), 1951-1960, 2008
S100A4 contributes to the suppression of BNIP3 expression, chemoresistance, and inhibition of apoptosis in pancreatic cancer
PC Mahon, P Baril, V Bhakta, C Chelala, K Caulee, T Harada, ...
Cancer research 67 (14), 6786-6795, 2007
mda-9/Syntenin: a positive regulator of melanoma metastasis
H Boukerche, Z Su, L Emdad, P Baril, B Balme, L Thomas, A Randolph, ...
Cancer research 65 (23), 10901-10911, 2005
Cancer-specific transgene expression mediated by systemic injection of nanoparticles
EJ Chisholm, G Vassaux, P Martin-Duque, R Chevre, O Lambert, B Pitard, ...
Cancer research 69 (6), 2655-2662, 2009
Bioreducible poly (2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)–PLA–PEI-SS triblock copolymer micelles for co-delivery of DNA minicircles and Doxorubicin
VM Gaspar, P Baril, EC Costa, D de Melo-Diogo, F Foucher, JA Queiroz, ...
Journal of Controlled Release 213, 175-191, 2015
Targeted radionuclide therapy using a Wnt-targeted replicating adenovirus encoding the Na/I symporter
I Peerlinck, A Merron, P Baril, S Conchon, P Martin-Duque, C Hindorf, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 15 (21), 6595-6601, 2009
Visualization of gene expression in the live subject using the Na/I symporter as a reporter gene: applications in biotherapy
P Baril, P Martin‐Duque, G Vassaux
British journal of pharmacology 159 (4), 761-771, 2010
Identification of genetic alterations in pancreatic cancer by the combined use of tissue microdissection and array-based comparative genomic hybridisation
T Harada, P Baril, R Gangeswaran, G Kelly, C Chelala, V Bhakta, ...
British journal of cancer 96 (2), 373-382, 2007
Enhanced Achilles tendon healing by fibromodulin gene transfer
A Delalande, MP Gosselin, A Suwalski, W Guilmain, C Leduc, M Berchel, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 11 (7), 1735-1744, 2015
Assessment of the Na/I symporter as a reporter gene to visualize oncolytic adenovirus propagation in peritoneal tumours
A Merron, P Baril, P Martin-Duque, A de la Vieja, L Tran, A Briat, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 37 (7), 1377-1385, 2010
Dendritic cell targeting mRNA lipopolyplexes combine strong antitumor T-cell immunity with improved inflammatory safety
K Van der Jeught, S De Koker, L Bialkowski, C Heirman, P Tjok Joe, ...
Acs Nano 12 (10), 9815-9829, 2018
MicroRNA-based drugs for brain tumors
S Anthiya, A Griveau, C Loussouarn, P Baril, M Garnett, JP Issartel, ...
Trends in cancer 4 (3), 222-238, 2018
A new Mr 55,000 surface protein implicated in melanoma progression: association with a metastatic phenotype
H Boukerche, P Baril, E Tabone, F Bérard, K Sanhadji, B Balme, F Wolf, ...
Cancer research 60 (20), 5848-5856, 2000
Uveal vs. cutaneous melanoma. Origins and causes of the differences
C Belmar-Lopez, P Mancheno-Corvo, MA Saornil, P Baril, G Vassaux, ...
Clinical and Translational Oncology 10 (3), 137-142, 2008
MicroRNAs in neurocognitive dysfunctions: new molecular targets for pharmacological treatments?
W Deraredj Nadim, V Simion, H Bénédetti, C Pichon, P Baril, ...
Current Neuropharmacology 15 (2), 260-275, 2017
Optimised amylases extraction from oat seeds and its impact on bread properties
NB Halima, M Borchani, I Fendri, B Khemakhem, D Gosset, P Baril, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 72, 1213-1221, 2015
RILES, a novel method for temporal analysis of the in vivo regulation of miRNA expression
S Ezzine, G Vassaux, B Pitard, B Barteau, JM Malinge, P Midoux, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (20), e192-e192, 2013
The promise of gene therapy for pancreatic cancer
G Vassaux, A Angelova, P Baril, P Midoux, J Rommelaere, P Cordelier
Human gene therapy 27 (2), 127-133, 2016
Monitoring the spatiotemporal activities of miRNAs in small animal models using molecular imaging modalities
P Baril, S Ezzine, C Pichon
International journal of molecular sciences 16 (3), 4947-4972, 2015
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