Patrick Gurian
Patrick Gurian
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Simulating the human-building interaction: Development and validation of an agent-based model of office occupant behaviors
J Langevin, J Wen, PL Gurian
Building and Environment 88, 27-45, 2015
Aluminum citrate: isolation and structural characterization of a stable trinuclear complex
TL Feng, PL Gurian, MD Healy, AR Barron
Inorganic Chemistry 29 (3), 408-411, 1990
Characterization of Marcellus shale flowback water
N Abualfaraj, PL Gurian, MS Olson
Environmental Engineering Science 31 (9), 514-524, 2014
Reducing energy consumption in low income public housing: Interviewing residents about energy behaviors
J Langevin, PL Gurian, J Wen
Applied Energy 102, 1358-1370, 2013
Tracking the human-building interaction: A longitudinal field study of occupant behavior in air-conditioned offices
J Langevin, PL Gurian, J Wen
Journal of Environmental Psychology 42, 94-115, 2015
Aluminium complexes of N, N′-ethylenebis (salicylideneimine)(H2salen). X-Ray crystal structures of [{Al (salen)} 2 (µ-O)]· MeCN and [Al (OC6H2Me3-2, 4, 6)(salen)]
PL Gurian, LK Cheatham, JW Ziller, AR Barron
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 1449-1456, 1991
Decision methodology for allocating funds across transportation infrastructure assets
NG Gharaibeh, YC Chiu, PL Gurian
Journal of infrastructure systems 12 (1), 1-9, 2006
Modeling thermal comfort holistically: Bayesian estimation of thermal sensation, acceptability, and preference distributions for office building occupants
J Langevin, J Wen, PL Gurian
Building and Environment 69, 206-226, 2013
Arsenic exposure in US public and domestic drinking water supplies: a comparative risk assessment
A Kumar, P Adak, PL Gurian, JR Lockwood
Journal of exposure science & environmental epidemiology 20 (3), 245-254, 2010
Pathogens and indicators in United States Class B biosolids: National and historic distributions
IL Pepper, JP Brooks, RG Sinclair, PL Gurian, CP Gerba
Journal of Environmental Quality 39 (6), 2185-2190, 2010
Addressing uncertainty and conflicting cost estimates in revising the arsenic MCL
PL Gurian, MJ Small, JR Lockwood, MJ Schervish
Environmental science & technology 35 (22), 4414-4420, 2001
Cryptosporidium and Giardia in tropical recreational marine waters contaminated with domestic sewage: Estimation of bathing-associated disease risks
WQ Betancourt, DC Duarte, RC Vásquez, PL Gurian
Marine Pollution Bulletin 85 (1), 268-273, 2014
Quantifying the human–building interaction: Considering the active, adaptive occupant in building performance simulation
J Langevin, J Wen, PL Gurian
Energy and Buildings 117, 372-386, 2016
Application of quantitative microbial risk assessment for selection of microbial reduction targets for hard surface disinfectants
MO Ryan, CN Haas, PL Gurian, CP Gerba, BM Panzl, JB Rose
American journal of infection control 42 (11), 1165-1172, 2014
Including occupants in building performance simulation: integration of an agent-based occupant behavior algorithm with EnergyPlus
J Langevin, J Wen, PL Gurian
Proceedings of the ASHRAE/IBPSAUSA Buidling Simulation Conference, Atlanta …, 2014
Relating occupant perceived control and thermal comfort: Statistical analysis on the ASHRAE RP-884 database
J Langevin, J Wen, PL Gurian
HVAC&R Research 18 (1-2), 179-194, 2012
Peri-urbanization and in-home environmental health risks: the side effects of planned and unplanned growth
J Graham, P Gurian, V Corella-Barud, R Avitia-Diaz
International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 207 (5), 447-454, 2004
Risk-Based Critical Concentrations of Legionella pneumophila for Indoor Residential Water Uses
KA Hamilton, MT Hamilton, W Johnson, P Jjemba, Z Bukhari, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (8), 4528-4541, 2019
Perceptions in the US building industry of the benefits and costs of improving indoor air quality
M Hamilton, A Rackes, PL Gurian, MS Waring
Indoor air 26 (2), 318-330, 2016
Review of epidemiological studies of drinking-water turbidity in relation to acute gastrointestinal illness
AJ De Roos, PL Gurian, LF Robinson, A Rai, I Zakeri, MC Kondo
Environmental health perspectives 125 (8), 086003, 2017
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