Yuxing Ben
Yuxing Ben
Occidental petroleum corporation
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Theoretical prediction of fast 3D AC electro-osmotic pumps
MZ Bazant, Y Ben
Lab on a Chip 6 (11), 1455-1461, 2006
Experimental observation of induced-charge electro-osmosis around a metal wire in a microchannel
JA Levitan, S Devasenathipathy, V Studer, Y Ben, T Thorsen, TM Squires, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 267 (1-3 …, 2005
Long-range AC electroosmotic trapping and detection of bioparticles
J Wu, Y Ben, D Battigelli, HC Chang
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (8), 2815-2822, 2005
Electrokinetic micropump and micromixer design based on faradaic polarization
D Lastochkin, R Zhou, P Wang, Y Ben, HC Chang
Journal of Applied Physics 96 (3), 1730-1733, 2004
Nonlinear Smoluchowski slip velocity and micro-vortex generation
Y Ben, HC Chang
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 461, 229-238, 2002
Particle detection by electrical impedance spectroscopy with asymmetric-polarization AC electroosmotic trapping
J Wu, Y Ben, HC Chang
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 1 (2), 161-167, 2005
A spectral theory for small-amplitude miscible fingering
Y Ben, EA Demekhin, HC Chang
Physics of Fluids 14 (3), 999-1010, 2002
Nonlinear electrokinetics and “superfast” electrophoresis
Y Ben, EA Demekhin, HC Chang
Journal of colloid and interface science 276 (2), 483-497, 2004
Microfluidic mixing by dc and ac nonlinear electrokinetic vortex flows
SC Wang, YW Lai, Y Ben, HC Chang
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 43 (12), 2902-2911, 2004
Simulating hydraulic fracturing with discontinuous deformation analysis
Y Ben, J Xue, Q Miao, Y Wang, GH Shi
46th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 2012
Metabolic and genetic perturbations accompany the modification of galactomannan in seeds of Medicago truncatula expressing mannan synthase from guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.)
M Naoumkina, S Vaghchhipawala, Y Tang, Y Ben, RJ Powell, RA Dixon
Plant biotechnology journal 6 (6), 619-631, 2008
MEMS for IT applications
S Lee, C Kim, S Jung, IS Song, YC Cho
MHS2001. Proceedings of 2001 International Symposium on Micromechatronics …, 2001
Induced-charge electro-osmotic microfluidic devices
MZ Bazant, Y Ben, J Levitan, JP Urbanski
US Patent 7,708,873, 2010
Development of a model for simulating hydraulic fracturing with DDA
YX Ben, Y Wang, GH Shi
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Analysis of …, 2013
Effect of natural fractures on hydraulic fracturing
Y Ben, Q Miao, Y Wang, G Shi
ISRM Regional Symposium-7th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, 2012
Adenosquamous lung carcinoma: clinical characteristics, surgical treament and prognosis.
Y Ben, H Yu, Z Wang, Q Miao, H Ren, Z Zhang, Z Li
Chinese medical sciences journal= Chung-kuo i hsueh k'o hsueh tsa chih 15 (4 …, 2000
Coupling fluid flow with discontinuous deformation analysis
YX Ben, J Xue, QH Miao, Y Wang
10th International Conference on Advances in Discontinuous Numerical Methods …, 2011
Miscible fingering in electrokinetic flow
YX Ben, EA Demekhin, PV Takhistov, HC Chang
Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers 33 (1), 15-24, 2002
Development and application of a real-time drilling state classification algorithm with machine learning
Y Ben, C James, D Cao
SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, 2019
The development and application of real-time deep learning models to drive directional drilling efficiency
D Cao, D Hender, S Ariabod, C James, Y Ben, M Lee
IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition, 2020
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