Per O.J. Hall
Per O.J. Hall
Professor i marin sedimentdiagenes, Göteborgs universitet
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Pathways of organic carbon oxidation in three continental margin sediments
DE Canfield, BB Jørgensen, H Fossing, R Glud, J Gundersen, ...
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Rapid, small‐volume, flow injection analysis for SCO2, and NH4+ in marine and freshwaters
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Chemical fluxes and mass balances in a marine fish cage farm. IV. Nitrogen
POJ Hall, O Holby, S Kollberg, MO Samuelsson
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The effect of oxygen on release and uptake of cobalt, manganese, iron and phosphate at the sediment-water interface
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Effect of oxygen on degradation rate of refractory and labile organic matter in continental margin sediments
G Hulthe, S Hulth, POJ Hall
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Chemical fluxes and mass balances in a marine fish cage farm. II. Phosphorus
O Holby, POJ Hall
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Benthic respiration measured by total carbonate production
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Fluxes of iron and manganese across the sediment–water interface under various redox conditions
SV Pakhomova, POJ Hall, MY Kononets, AG Rozanov, A Tengberg, ...
Marine Chemistry 107 (3), 319-331, 2007
Benthic chamber and profiling landers in oceanography—a review of design, technical solutions and functioning
A Tengberg, F De Bovee, P Hall, W Berelson, D Chadwick, G Ciceri, ...
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Investigating hypoxia in aquatic environments: diverse approaches to addressing a complex phenomenon
J Friedrich, F Janssen, D Aleynik, HW Bange, N Boltacheva, MN Çagatay, ...
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Partitioning of benthic community respiration in the Arctic (northwestern Barents Sea)'
MARINE ECOLOGY 118, 199-213, 1995
Resuspension and its effects on organic carbon recycling and nutrient exchange in coastal sediments: in situ measurements using new experimental technology
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Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 285, 119-142, 2003
Benthic fluxes of cadmium, copper, nickel, zinc and lead in the coastal environment
SFG Westerlund, LG Anderson, POJ Hall, Å Iverfeldt, MMR Van Der Loeff, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 50 (6), 1289-1296, 1986
Oxygen uptake kinetics in the benthic boundary layer
POJ Hall, LG Anderson, MMR van der Loeff, B Sundby, SFG Westerlund
Limnology and Oceanography 34 (4), 734-746, 1989
The asphyxiation technique: An approach to distinguishing between molecular diffusion and biologically mediated transport at the sediment—water interface
MMR van der Loeff, LG Anderson, POJ Hall, Å Iverfeldt, AB Josefson, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 29 (4), 675-686, 1984
Benthic biogeochemistry: state of the art technologies and guidelines for the future of in situ survey
E Viollier, C Rabouille, SE Apitz, E Breuer, G Chaillou, K Dedieu, ...
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Effects of resuspension on benthic fluxes of oxygen, nutrients, dissolved inorganic carbon, iron and manganese in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
E Almroth, A Tengberg, JH Andersson, S Pakhomova, POJ Hall
Continental Shelf Research 29 (5-6), 807-818, 2009
Biogeochemical heterogeneity and suboxic diagenesis in hemipelagic sediments of the Panama Basin
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Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 45 (1), 133-165, 1998
An in situ instrument for planar O2 optode measurements at benthic interfaces
RN Glud, A Tengberg, M Kühl, POJ Hall, I Klimant
Limnology and Oceanography 46 (8), 2073-2080, 2001
Intercalibration of benthic flux chambers I. Accuracy of flux measurements and influence of chamber hydrodynamics
A Tengberg, H Stahl, G Gust, V Müller, U Arning, H Andersson, POJ Hall
Progress in Oceanography 60 (1), 1-28, 2004
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