Lindsey Sargent Reisinger
Lindsey Sargent Reisinger
Research Assistant Professor, University of Florida
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Global introductions of crayfishes: evaluating the impact of species invasions on ecosystem services
DM Lodge, A Deines, F Gherardi, DCJ Yeo, T Arcella, AK Baldridge, ...
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 43, 449-472, 2012
Evolution of invasive traits in nonindigenous species: increased survival and faster growth in invasive populations of rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)
LW Sargent, DM Lodge
Evolutionary Applications 7 (8), 949-961, 2014
Invasive crayfish Orconectes rusticus (Decapoda, Cambaridae) is a more effective predator of substrate nesting fish eggs than native crayfish (O. virilis)
JW Morse, AK Baldridge, LW Sargent
Crustaceana 86 (4), 387-402, 2013
Infection with a trematode parasite differentially alters competitive interactions and antipredator behaviour in native and invasive crayfish
LS Reisinger, I Petersen, JS Hing, RL Davila, DM Lodge
Freshwater Biology 60 (8), 1581-1595, 2015
A trematode parasite alters growth, feeding behavior, and demographic success of invasive rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus)
LW Sargent, AK Baldridge, M Vega-Ross, KM Towle, DM Lodge
Oecologia 175 (3), 947-958, 2014
The influence of evolution and plasticity on the behavior of an invasive crayfish
LS Reisinger, AK Elgin, KM Towle, DJ Chan, DM Lodge
Biological invasions 19 (3), 815-830, 2017
Water depth and lake-wide water level fluctuation influence on α-and β-diversity of coastal wetland fish communities
TA Langer, MJ Cooper, LS Reisinger, AJ Reisinger, DG Uzarski
Journal of Great Lakes Research 44 (1), 70-76, 2018
Physicochemical habitat association of a native and a non-native crayfish in the lower Flint river, Georgia: implications for invasion success
LW Sargent, SW Golladay, AP Covich, SP Opsahl
Biological invasions 13 (2), 499-511, 2011
Parasites alter freshwater communities in mesocosms by modifying invasive crayfish behavior
LS Reisinger, DM Lodge
Ecology 97 (6), 1497-1506, 2016
Invasive dreissenid mussels benefit invasive crayfish but not native crayfish in the Laurentian Great Lakes
MG Glon, ER Larson, LS Reisinger, KL Pangle
Journal of Great Lakes Research 43 (2), 289-297, 2017
Stormwater ponds: An overlooked but plentiful urban designer ecosystem provides invasive plant habitat in a subtropical region (Florida, USA)
JS Sinclair, AJ Reisinger, E Bean, CR Adams, LS Reisinger, ...
Science of The Total Environment 711, 135133, 2020
Biogeographic differences between native and non-native populations of crayfish alter species coexistence and trophic interactions in mesocosms
MG Glon, LS Reisinger, LM Pintor
Biological Invasions 20 (12), 3475-3490, 2018
Ovipleistophora diplostomuri, a parasite of fish and their trematodes, also infects the crayfish Procambarus bivittatus
J Bojko, DC Behringer, P Moler, L Reisinger
Journal of invertebrate pathology 169, 107306, 2020
A new lineage of crayfish-infecting Microsporidia: The Cambaraspora floridanus n. gen. n. sp.(Glugeida: Glugeidae) complex from Floridian freshwaters (USA)
J Bojko, DC Behringer, P Moler, CEL Stratton, L Reisinger
Journal of invertebrate pathology 171, 107345, 2020
Exposure to a common antidepressant alters crayfish behavior and has potential subsequent ecosystem impacts
AJ Reisinger, LS Reisinger, EK Richmond, EJ Rosi
Ecosphere 12 (6), e03527, 2021
High similarity and management-driven differences in the traits of a diverse pool of invasive stormwater pond plants
JS Sinclair, CR Adams, AJ Reisinger, E Bean, LS Reisinger, AL Holmes, ...
Landscape and Urban Planning 201, 103839, 2020
Relationships between the distribution and abundance of the invasive faucet snail (Bithynia tentaculata) and environmental factors in Laurentian Great Lakes coastal wetlands
NT Schock, AJ Reisinger, LS Reisinger, MJ Cooper, JJH Cibrowski, ...
Biological Invasions 21 (8), 2613-2628, 2019
Vegetation management and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in urban stormwater ponds: implications for regional biodiversity
JS Sinclair, LS Reisinger, CR Adams, E Bean, AJ Reisinger, BV Iannone
Urban Ecosystems 24 (4), 725-735, 2021
Divergence in foraging and predator avoidance behavior across the geographic range of native and non-native crayfish
LS Reisinger, MG Glon, LM Pintor
Hydrobiologia 847 (3), 803-818, 2020
Short-term variability in coastal community and ecosystem dynamics in northern Lake Michigan
LS Reisinger, KL Pangle, MJ Cooper, DR Learman, DA Woolnough, ...
Freshwater Science 38 (3), 661-673, 2019
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