conor v dolan
conor v dolan
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Genome-wide association analyses identify 44 risk variants and refine the genetic architecture of major depression
NR Wray, S Ripke, M Mattheisen, M Trzaskowski, EM Byrne, A Abdellaoui, ...
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A dynamical model of general intelligence: the positive manifold of intelligence by mutualism.
HLJ Van Der Maas, CV Dolan, RPPP Grasman, JM Wicherts, ...
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Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influences
R Karlsson Linnér, P Biroli, E Kong, SFW Meddens, R Wedow, ...
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A solution to dependency: using multilevel analysis to accommodate nested data
E Aarts, M Verhage, JV Veenvliet, CV Dolan, S Van Der Sluis
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Factor analysis of variables with 2, 3, 5 and 7 response categories: A comparison of categorical variable estimators using simulated data
CV Dolan
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R Verheul, H Andrea, CC Berghout, C Dolan, JJV Busschbach, ...
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Genetic and environmental influences interact with age and sex in shaping the human methylome
J Van Dongen, MG Nivard, G Willemsen, JJ Hottenga, Q Helmer, ...
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Are intelligence tests measurement invariant over time? Investigating the nature of the Flynn effect
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DI Boomsma, G Willemsen, CV Dolan, LC Hawkley, JT Cacioppo
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TATES: efficient multivariate genotype-phenotype analysis for genome-wide association studies
S Van der Sluis, D Posthuma, CV Dolan
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The effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral treatment in routine clinical practice
J Ruwaard, A Lange, B Schrieken, CV Dolan, P Emmelkamp
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A third source of developmental differences
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MG Nivard, CV Dolan, KS Kendler, KJ Kan, G Willemsen, ...
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Fitting multivariage normal finite mixtures subject to structural equation modeling
CV Dolan, HLJ van der Maas
Psychometrika 63, 227-253, 1998
Major depressive disorder working group of the psychiatric genomics consortium
DM Howard, MJ Adams, WD Hill, TK Clarke, MJ Adams, TK Clarke, ...
Nat. Commun 11, 230, 2020
Long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse: Objective and subjective characteristics of the abuse and psychopathology in later life
A Lange, E de Beurs, C Dolan, T Lachnit, S Sjollema, G Hanewald
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The Young Netherlands Twin Register (YNTR): longitudinal twin and family studies in over 70,000 children
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Stereotype threat and group differences in test performance: a question of measurement invariance.
JM Wicherts, CV Dolan, DJ Hessen
Journal of personality and social psychology 89 (5), 696, 2005
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