Sara Kuebbing
Sara Kuebbing
Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture & The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment
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Evidence for the primacy of living root inputs, not root or shoot litter, in forming soil organic carbon
NW Sokol, SE Kuebbing, E Karlsen‐Ayala, MA Bradford
New Phytologist 221 (1), 233-246, 2019
Beyond nutrients: a meta‐analysis of the diverse effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on plants and soils
CS Delavaux, LM Smith‐Ramesh, SE Kuebbing
Ecology 98 (8), 2111-2119, 2017
Current mismatch between research and conservation efforts: the need to study co-occurring invasive plant species
SE Kuebbing, MA Nuñez, D Simberloff
Biological Conservation 160, 121-129, 2013
Invasive species: to eat or not to eat, that is the question
MA Nuñez, S Kuebbing, RD Dimarco, D Simberloff
Conservation Letters 5 (5), 334-341, 2012
Negative, neutral, and positive interactions among nonnative plants: patterns, processes, and management implications
SE Kuebbing, MA Nuñez
Global Change Biology 21 (2), 926-934, 2015
The scaling of genome size and cell size limits maximum rates of photosynthesis with implications for ecological strategies
AB Roddy, G Théroux-Rancourt, T Abbo, JW Benedetti, CR Brodersen, ...
International Journal of Plant Sciences 181 (1), 75-87, 2020
Two co‐occurring invasive woody shrubs alter soil properties and promote subdominant invasive species
SE Kuebbing, AT Classen, D Simberloff
Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (1), 124-133, 2014
Invasive non-native plants have a greater effect on neighbouring natives than other non-natives
SE Kuebbing, MA Nuñez
Nature plants 2 (10), 1-7, 2016
Long‐term research in ecology and evolution: A survey of challenges and opportunities
SE Kuebbing, AP Reimer, SA Rosenthal, G Feinberg, A Leiserowitz, ...
Ecological Monographs 88 (2), 245-258, 2018
Trends in ecology and conservation over eight decades
SC Anderson, PR Elsen, BB Hughes, RK Tonietto, MC Bletz, DA Gill, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 19 (5), 274-282, 2021
Linking functional diversity and ecosystem processes: A framework for using functional diversity metrics to predict the ecosystem impact of functionally unique species
SE Kuebbing, DS Maynard, MA Bradford
Journal of Ecology 106 (2), 687-698, 2018
Potential problems of removing one invasive species at a time: a meta-analysis of the interactions between invasive vertebrates and unexpected effects of removal programs
SA Ballari, SE Kuebbing, MA Nuñez
PeerJ 4, e2029, 2016
Plant phenological responses to experimental warming—A synthesis
KL Stuble, LD Bennion, SE Kuebbing
Global Change Biology 27 (17), 4110-4124, 2021
We do not want to “cure plant blindness” we want to grow plant love
C McDonough MacKenzie, S Kuebbing, RS Barak, M Bletz, J Dudney, ...
University of Arizona, 2019
Effects of co-occurring non-native invasive plant species on old-field succession
SE Kuebbing, L Souza, NJ Sanders
Forest Ecology and Management 324, 196-204, 2014
Missing the bandwagon: nonnative species impacts still concern managers
SE Kuebbing, D Simberloff
NeoBiota 25, 73-86, 2015
Factors driving natural regeneration beneath a planted urban forest
DA Doroski, AJ Felson, MA Bradford, MP Ashton, EE Oldfield, RA Hallett, ...
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 29, 238-247, 2018
The functional role of ericoid mycorrhizal plants and fungi on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in forests
EB Ward, MC Duguid, SE Kuebbing, JC Lendemer, MA Bradford
New Phytologist 235 (5), 1701-1718, 2022
Plant–soil interactions promote co‐occurrence of three nonnative woody shrubs
SE Kuebbing, AT Classen, JJ Call, JA Henning, D Simberloff
Ecology 96 (8), 2289-2299, 2015
Mentorship, equity, and research productivity: Lessons from a pandemic
MA Nocco, BM McGill, CMD MacKenzie, RK Tonietto, J Dudney, MC Bletz, ...
Biological Conservation 255, 108966, 2021
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