Steven J Hall
Steven J Hall
Associate Professor, Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Iowa State University
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Iron oxidation stimulates organic matter decomposition in humid tropical forest soils
SJ Hall, WL Silver
Global change biology 19 (9), 2804-2813, 2013
Iron-mediated organic matter decomposition in humid soils can counteract protection
C Chen, SJ Hall, E Coward, A Thompson
Nature Communications 11, 2255, 2020
Elevated moisture stimulates carbon loss from mineral soils by releasing protected organic matter
W Huang, SJ Hall
Nature communications 8 (1), 1774, 2017
Reconciling multiple impacts of nitrogen enrichment on soil carbon: plant, microbial and geochemical controls
C Ye, D Chen, SJ Hall, S Pan, X Yan, T Bai, H Guo, Y Zhang, Y Bai, S Hu
Ecology Letters 21 (8), 1162-1173, 2018
When wet gets wetter: decoupling of moisture, redox biogeochemistry, and greenhouse gas fluxes in a humid tropical forest soil
SJ Hall, WH McDowell, WL Silver
Ecosystems 16, 576-589, 2013
Revisiting streamside trees that do not use stream water: can the two water worlds hypothesis and snowpack isotopic effects explain a missing water source?
DR Bowling, ES Schulze, SJ Hall
Ecohydrology 10 (1), e1771, 2017
Reducing conditions, reactive metals, and their interactions can explain spatial patterns of surface soil carbon in a humid tropical forest
SJ Hall, WL Silver
Biogeochemistry 125, 149-165, 2015
Order from disorder: do soil organic matter composition and turnover co-vary with iron phase crystallinity?
SJ Hall, AA Berhe, A Thompson
Biogeochemistry 140, 93-110, 2018
Lignin decomposition is sustained under fluctuating redox conditions in humid tropical forest soils
SJ Hall, WL Silver, VI Timokhin, KE Hammel
Global change biology 21 (7), 2818-2828, 2015
From pools to flow: The PROMISE framework for new insights on soil carbon cycling in a changing world
BG Waring, BN Sulman, S Reed, AP Smith, C Averill, CA Creamer, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (12), 6631-6643, 2020
Iron addition to soil specifically stabilized lignin
SJ Hall, WL Silver, VI Timokhin, KE Hammel
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 98, 95-98, 2016
Differential effects of canopy trimming and litter deposition on litterfall and nutrient dynamics in a wet subtropical forest
WL Silver, SJ Hall, G González
Forest Ecology and Management 332, 47-55, 2014
Molecular trade-offs in soil organic carbon composition at continental scale
SJ Hall, C Ye, SR Weintraub, WC Hockaday
Nature Geoscience 13 (10), 687-692, 2020
Breaking the enzymatic latch: impacts of reducing conditions on hydrolytic enzyme activity in tropical forest soils
SJ Hall, J Treffkorn, WL Silver
Ecology 95 (10), 2964-2973, 2014
Trade‐offs in soil carbon protection mechanisms under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
W Huang, C Ye, WC Hockaday, SJ Hall
Global Change Biology 26 (6), 3726-3737, 2020
Drivers and patterns of iron redox cycling from surface to bedrock in a deep tropical forest soil: a new conceptual model
SJ Hall, D Liptzin, HL Buss, K DeAngelis, WL Silver
Biogeochemistry 130, 177-190, 2016
Persistent urban influence on surface water quality via impacted groundwater
RS Gabor, SJ Hall, DP Eiriksson, Y Jameel, M Millington, T Stout, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (17), 9477-9487, 2017
Enrichment of lignin-derived carbon in mineral-associated soil organic matter
W Huang, KE Hammel, J Hao, A Thompson, VI Timokhin, SJ Hall
Environmental science & technology 53 (13), 7522-7531, 2019
Environmental forcing does not induce diel or synoptic variation in the carbon isotope content of forest soil respiration
DR Bowling, JE Egan, SJ Hall, DA Risk
Biogeosciences 12 (16), 5143-5160, 2015
Soil health recovery after grassland reestablishment on cropland: The effects of time and topographic position
M De, JA Riopel, LJ Cihacek, M Lawrinenko, R Baldwin-Kordick, SJ Hall, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 84 (2), 568-586, 2020
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