Riëm El tahry
Riëm El tahry
Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc
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Increased hippocampal noradrenaline is a biomarker for efficacy of vagus nerve stimulation in a limbic seizure model
R Raedt, R Clinckers, L Mollet, K Vonck, R El Tahry, T Wyckhuys, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 117 (3), 461-469, 2011
A prospective, multicenter study of cardiac-based seizure detection to activate vagus nerve stimulation
P Boon, K Vonck, K van Rijckevorsel, R El Tahry, CE Elger, N Mullatti, ...
Seizure 32, 52-61, 2015
Sleep-disordered breathing in patients with neuromuscular disease
MA Albdewi, G Liistro, R El Tahry
Sleep and Breathing 22, 277-286, 2018
Predictive factors for outcome of invasive video-EEG monitoring and subsequent resective surgery in patients with refractory epilepsy
E Carrette, K Vonck, V De Herdt, A Van Dycke, R El Tahry, A Meurs, ...
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery 112 (2), 118-126, 2010
Increased rat serum corticosterone suggests immunomodulation by stimulation of the vagal nerve
V De Herdt, L Puimège, J De Waele, R Raedt, T Wyckhuys, R El Tahry, ...
Journal of neuroimmunology 212 (1-2), 102-105, 2009
A novel implantable vagus nerve stimulation system (ADNS-300) for combined stimulation and recording of the vagus nerve: pilot trial at Ghent University Hospital
R El Tahry, R Raedt, L Mollet, V De Herdt, T Wyckuys, A Van Dycke, ...
Epilepsy research 92 (2-3), 231-239, 2010
Electrophysiological responses from vagus nerve stimulation in rats
L Mollet, R Raedt, J Delbeke, R El Tahry, A Grimonprez, I Dauwe, ...
International journal of neural systems 23 (06), 1350027, 2013
Repeated assessment of larynx compound muscle action potentials using a self-sizing cuff electrode around the vagus nerve in experimental rats
R El Tahry, L Mollet, R Raedt, J Delbeke, V De Herdt, T Wyckhuys, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 198 (2), 287-293, 2011
Modulation of seizure threshold by vagus nerve stimulation in an animal model for motor seizures
V De Herdt, J De Waele, R Raedt, T Wyckhuys, R El Tahry, K Vonck, ...
Acta neurologica scandinavica 121 (4), 271-276, 2010
Epileptic seizure detection using EEG signals and extreme gradient boosting
P Vanabelle, P De Handschutter, R El Tahry, M Benjelloun, ...
Journal of biomedical research 34 (3), 228, 2020
VNS parameters for clinical response in Epilepsy
F Fahoum, M Boffini, L Kann, S Faini, C Gordon, M Tzadok, R El Tahry
Brain stimulation 15 (3), 814-821, 2022
Magnetoencephalography and ictal SPECT in patients with failed epilepsy surgery
R El Tahry, ZI Wang, A Thandar, I Podkorytova, B Krishnan, S Tousseyn, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 129 (8), 1651-1657, 2018
Intensity‐dependent modulatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation on cortical excitability
L Mollet, A Grimonprez, R Raedt, J Delbeke, R El Tahry, V De Herdt, ...
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 128 (6), 391-396, 2013
How is the norepinephrine system involved in the antiepileptic effects of vagus nerve stimulation?
A Berger, S Vespa, L Dricot, M Dumoulin, G Vandewalle, R El Tahry
Frontiers in neuroscience 15, 790943, 2021
Early experiences with tachycardia‐triggered vagus nerve stimulation using the AspireSR stimulator
R El Tahry, M Hirsch, K Van Rijckevorsel, SF Santos, M de Tourtchaninoff, ...
Epileptic Disorders 18 (2), 155-162, 2016
Recording of spontaneous vagus nerve activity during Pentylenetetrazol-induced seizures in rats
L Stumpp, H Smets, S Vespa, J Cury, P Doguet, J Delbeke, E Hermans, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 343, 108832, 2020
Ictal EEG source imaging and connectivity to localize the seizure onset zone in extratemporal lobe epilepsy
S Vespa, AG Baroumand, SF Santos, P Vrielynck, M De Tourtchaninoff, ...
Seizure 78, 18-30, 2020
Vagus nerve stimulation elicits sleep EEG desynchronization and network changes in responder patients in epilepsy
S Vespa, J Heyse, L Stumpp, G Liberati, SF Santos, H Rooijakkers, ...
Neurotherapeutics 18 (4), 2623-2638, 2021
Additional clinical value of voxel‐based morphometric MRI post‐processing for MRI‐negative epilepsies: a prospective study
R El Tahry, SF Santos, P Vrielynck, M de Tourtchaninoff, T Duprez, ...
Epileptic Disorders 22 (2), 156-164, 2020
Vagus nerve stimulation-induced laryngeal motor evoked potentials: a possible biomarker of effective nerve activation
S Vespa, L Stumpp, C Bouckaert, J Delbeke, H Smets, J Cury, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 13, 880, 2019
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