Maura L. Scott
Maura L. Scott
Drs. Persis E. and Charles E. Rockwood Eminent Scholar in Marketing, Florida State University
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Service Robots Rising: How Humanoid Robots Influence Service Experiences and Elicit Compensatory Consumer Responses
M Mende, ML Scott, J van Doorn, D Grewal, I Shanks
Journal of Marketing Research 56 (4), 535-556, 2019
From nutrients to nurturance: A conceptual introduction to food well-being
LG Block, SA Grier, TL Childers, B Davis, JEJ Ebert, S Kumanyika, ...
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The effects of reduced food size and package size on the consumption behavior of restrained and unrestrained eaters
ML Scott, SM Nowlis, N Mandel, AC Morales
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“So Cute I Could Eat It Up”: Priming Effects of Cute Products on Indulgent Consumption
GY Nenkov, ML Scott
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Judging the Book By Its Cover? How Consumers Decode Conspicuous Consumption Cues in Buyer-Seller Relationships
ML Scott, M Mende, LE Bolton
Journal of Marketing Research 50 (3), 334–347, 2013
Promoting positive change: Advancing the food well-being paradigm
MG Bublitz, LA Peracchio, AR Andreasen, J Kees, B Kidwell, EG Miller, ...
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Frontline Cyborgs at Your Service: How Human Enhancement Technologies Affect Customer Experiences in Retail, Sales, and Service Settings
D Grewal, M Kroschke, M Mende, AL Roggeveen, ML Scott
Journal of Interactive Marketing 51 (August), 9-25, 2020
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Journal of Consumer Research: A Curation and Research Agenda
Z Arsel, D Crockett, ML Scott
Journal of Consumer Research 48 (5), 920–933, 2022
The Role of Accent Standardness in Message Preference and Recall
AC Morales, ML Scott, EA Yorkston
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Expanding the Lens of Food Well-Being: An Examination of Contemporary Marketing, Policy, and Practice with an Eye on the Future
ML Scott, B Vallen
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 38 (2), 127-135, 2019
The COVID-19 Pandemic at the Intersection of Marketing and Public Policy
ML Scott, KD Martin, JL Wiener, PS Ellen, S Burton
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 39 (3), 257-265, 2020
The Flip Side of Vanity Sizing: How Consumers Respond to and Compensate for Larger than Expected Clothing Sizes
JA Hoegg, ML Scott, A Morales, DW Dahl
Journal of Consumer Psychology 24 (1), 70-78, 2014
Reimagining Marketing Strategy: Driving the Debate on Grand Challenges
K de Ruyter, DI Keeling, K Plangger, M Montecchi, ML Scott, DW Dahl
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The Marketing of Love: How Attachment Styles Affect Romantic Consumption Journeys
M Mende, ML Scott, LE Bolton, A Garvey
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 47 (2), 255-273, 2019
Activating Consumers for Better Service Coproduction Outcomes through Eustress: The Interplay of Firm-Assigned Workload, Service Literacy, and Organizational Support
M Mende, ML Scott, MJ Bitner, AL Ostrom
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The Quest for Eating Right: Advancing Food Well-being
MG Bublitz, LA Peracchio, AR Andreasen, J Kees, B Kidwell, EG Miller, ...
Journal of Research for Consumers, 1 - 12, 2011
The Effect of Goal Specificity on Consumer Goal Reengagement
ML Scott, SM Nowlis
Journal of Consumer Research 40 (3), 444-459, 2013
Getting Personal in Public!? How Consumers Respond to Public Personalized Advertising in Retail Stores
N Hess, CM Kelley, ML Scott, M Mende, JH Schumann
Journal of Retailing 96 (3), 344-61, 2020
The Effect of Lifestyle-Based Depletion on Teen Consumer Behavior
DY Montoya, ML Scott
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 32 (1), 82-96, 2013
May the Force Be with You: Expanding the Scope for Marketing Research as a Force for Good in a Sustainable World
M Mende, ML Scott
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 40 (2), 116-125, 2021
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