Hugh F. Wilson
Hugh F. Wilson
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Stark shift control of single optical centers in diamond
P Tamarat, T Gaebel, JR Rabeau, M Khan, AD Greentree, H Wilson, ...
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Sequestration of noble gases in giant planet interiors
HF Wilson, B Militzer
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HF Wilson, B Militzer
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Efficient iterative method for calculations of dielectric matrices
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HF Wilson, B Militzer
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FM Hossain, MW Doherty, HF Wilson, LCL Hollenberg
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New phases of water ice predicted at megabar pressures
B Militzer, HF Wilson
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Iterative calculations of dielectric eigenvalue spectra
HF Wilson, D Lu, F Gygi, G Galli
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Phosphine dissociation on the Si (001) surface
HF Wilson, O Warschkow, NA Marks, SR Schofield, NJ Curson, PV Smith, ...
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Thermal dissociation and desorption of P H 3 on Si (001): A reinterpretation of spectroscopic data
HF Wilson, O Warschkow, NA Marks, NJ Curson, SR Schofield, ...
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Phosphine adsorption and dissociation on the Si (001) surface: An ab initio survey of structures
O Warschkow, HF Wilson, NA Marks, SR Schofield, NJ Curson, PV Smith, ...
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SM Wahl, HF Wilson, B Militzer
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Phosphine dissociation and diffusion on Si (001) observed at the atomic scale
SR Schofield, NJ Curson, O Warschkow, NA Marks, HF Wilson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (7), 3173-3179, 2006
Ab initio free energy calculations of the solubility of silica in metallic hydrogen and application to giant planet cores
F González-Cataldo, HF Wilson, B Militzer
The Astrophysical Journal 787 (1), 79, 2014
Reaction paths of phosphine dissociation on silicon (001)
O Warschkow, NJ Curson, SR Schofield, NA Marks, HF Wilson, ...
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Split-off dimer defects on the surface
SR Schofield, NJ Curson, JL O’brien, MY Simmons, RG Clark, NA Marks, ...
Physical Review B 69 (8), 085312, 2004
Ab initio simulations of hot dense methane during shock experiments
BL Sherman, HF Wilson, D Weeraratne, B Militzer
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Single hydrogen atoms on the Si (001) surface
MW Radny, PV Smith, TCG Reusch, O Warschkow, NA Marks, HF Wilson, ...
Physical Review B 76 (15), 155302, 2007
Single-molecule diffusometry reveals no catalysis-induced diffusion enhancement of alkaline phosphatase as proposed by FCS experiments
Z Chen, A Shaw, H Wilson, M Woringer, X Darzacq, S Marqusee, Q Wang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (35), 21328-21335, 2020
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