Andreas Jarvstad
Andreas Jarvstad
City, University of London
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Perceptuo-motor, cognitive, and description-based decision-making seem equally good
A Jarvstad, U Hahn, SK Rushton, PA Warren
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (40), 16271-16276, 2013
Increasing compliance with low tidal volume ventilation in the ICU with two nudge-based interventions: evaluation through intervention time-series analyses
CP Bourdeaux, MJC Thomas, TH Gould, G Malhotra, A Jarvstad, T Jones, ...
BMJ open 6 (5), e010129, 2016
Source reliability and the conjunction fallacy
A Jarvstad, U Hahn
Cognitive Science 35 (4), 682-711, 2011
Large portions encourage the selection of palatable rather than filling foods
JM Brunstrom, A Jarvstad, RL Griggs, C Potter, NR Evans, AA Martin, ...
The Journal of nutrition 146 (10), 2117-2123, 2016
Are perceptuo-motor decisions really more optimal than cognitive decisions?
A Jarvstad, U Hahn, PA Warren, SK Rushton
Cognition 130 (3), 397-416, 2014
Knowing when to move on: Cognitive and perceptual decisions in time
A Jarvstad, SK Rushton, PA Warren, U Hahn
Psychological Science 23 (6), 589-597, 2012
Cognitive control of saccadic selection and inhibition from within the core cortical saccadic network
A Jarvstad, ID Gilchrist
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (13), 2497-2508, 2019
How to change the weight of rare events in decisions from experience
JM Hotaling, A Jarvstad, C Donkin, BR Newell
Psychological Science 30 (12), 1767-1779, 2019
Human value learning and representation reflect rational adaptation to task demands
K Juechems, T Altun, R Hira, A Jarvstad
Nature Human Behaviour 6 (9), 1268-1279, 2022
MEM-EX: An exemplar memory model of decisions from experience
JM Hotaling, C Donkin, A Jarvstad, BR Newell
Cognitive Psychology 138, 101517, 2022
Unreliable sources and the conjunction fallacy
A Jarvstad, U Hahn
Proceedings of the 31st annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society …, 2009
Beyond Nudging: Generalisable and transferable learning in human decision-making
A Jarvstad
PsyArXiv, 2021
Applying ‘food-choice architecture’to understand dietary decisions: Stratification by socio-economic status and adiposity
JM Brunstrom, A Jarvstad, PJ Rogers
Appetite 123, 461, 2018
The Long-Term Impact of Cognitive Training on Risk-Reward Trade-Offs
A Ubiali, A Jarvstad
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 46, 2024
The limits of human learning and decision-making: cognitive flexibility and training.
A Ubiali, A Jarvstad
OSF, 2023
Risk preferences 2
A Jarvstad, A Ubiali
OSF, 2022
Human value learning and representation reflects rational adaptation to task demands-Replication of Experiment 2
A Jarvstad, K Juechems
OSF, 2021
Human value learning and representation reflects rational adaptation to task demands
K Juechems, T Altun, R Hira, A Jarvstad
Fat mass is predicted by subtle yet measurable differences in food-choice strategy
J Brunstrom, G Stothart, P Rogers, A Jarvstad
Appetite 130, 300-300, 2018
ORCID: 0000-0002-3175-8733, Donkin, C. and Ben, N.(2019). How to Change the Weight of Rare Events in Decisions from Experience
J Hotaling, A Jarvstad
Psychological Science, This is the accepted version of the paper. This …, 0
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