Sudesh Kumar Dhar
Sudesh Kumar Dhar
Professor TIFR
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Bulk superconductivity at an elevated temperature (T c≊ 12 K) in a nickel containing alloy system Y-Ni-BC
R Nagarajan, C Mazumdar, Z Hossain, SK Dhar, KV Gopalakrishnan, ...
Physical review letters 72 (2), 274, 1994
On the origin of high-temperature ferromagnetism in the low-temperature-processed Mn–Zn–O system
DC Kundaliya, SB Ogale, SE Lofland, S Dhar, CJ Metting, SR Shinde, ...
Nature materials 3 (10), 709-714, 2004
Niobium doped TiO2: Intrinsic transparent metallic anatase versus highly resistive rutile phase
SX Zhang, DC Kundaliya, W Yu, S Dhar, SY Young, LG Salamanca-Riba, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (1), 2007
Magnetic structure of EuFe 2 As 2 determined by single-crystal neutron diffraction
Y Xiao, Y Su, M Meven, R Mittal, CMN Kumar, T Chatterji, S Price, ...
Physical Review B 80 (17), 174424, 2009
Superconductivity at 12 K in Y Ni B system
C Mazumdar, R Nagarajan, C Godart, LC Gupta, M Latroche, SK Dhar, ...
Solid state communications 87 (5), 413-416, 1993
Strong itinerant magnetism in ternary boride CeRh3B2
SK Dhar, SK Malik, R Vijayaraghavan
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 14 (11), L321, 1981
Anisotropic magnetic and superconducting properties of CaFe 2− x Co x As 2 (x= 0, 0.06) single crystals
N Kumar, R Nagalakshmi, R Kulkarni, PL Paulose, AK Nigam, SK Dhar, ...
Physical Review B 79 (1), 012504, 2009
Growth of epitaxial and polycrystalline thin films of the electron doped system through pulsed laser deposition
C Mitra, P Raychaudhuri, J John, SK Dhar, AK Nigam, R Pinto
Journal of Applied Physics 89 (1), 524-530, 2001
False heavy fermions
KA Gschneidner Jr, J Tang, SK Dhar, A Goldman
Physica B: Condensed Matter 163 (1-3), 507-510, 1990
Structural, superconducting, and magnetic properties of YNi 2 B 2 C and ErNi 2 B 2 C
C Godart, LC Gupta, R Nagarajan, SK Dhar, H Noel, M Potel, ...
Physical Review B 51 (1), 489, 1995
Quenching of spin fluctuations by high magnetic fields
K Ikeda, SK Dhar, M Yoshizawa, KA Gschneidner Jr
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 100 (1-3), 292-321, 1991
Manifestation of geometric frustration on magnetic and thermodynamic properties of the pyrochlores Sm 2 X 2 O 7 (X= Ti, Zr)
S Singh, S Saha, SK Dhar, R Suryanarayanan, AK Sood, A Revcolevschi
Physical Review B 77 (5), 054408, 2008
Temperature-dependent Raman and x-ray studies of the spin-ice pyrochlore and nonmagnetic pyrochlore
S Saha, S Singh, B Dkhil, S Dhar, R Suryanarayanan, G Dhalenne, ...
Physical Review B 78 (21), 214102, 2008
Anomalous suppression of Tc and moderate heavy fermion behaviour in YbNi2B2C
SK Dhar, R Nagarajan, Z Hossain, E Tominez, C Godart, LC Gupta, ...
Solid state communications 98 (11), 985-989, 1996
Growth parameter-property phase diagram for pulsed laser deposited transparent oxide conductor anatase Nb: TiO2
SX Zhang, S Dhar, W Yu, H Xu, SB Ogale, T Venkatesan
Applied Physics Letters 91 (11), 2007
Magnetic structure of EuFe 2 As 2 as determined by resonant x-ray scattering
J Herrero-Martín, V Scagnoli, C Mazzoli, Y Su, R Mittal, Y Xiao, T Brueckel, ...
Physical Review B 80 (13), 134411, 2009
Measurement of Anomalous Phonon Dispersion of Single Crystals Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering
R Mittal, L Pintschovius, D Lamago, R Heid, KP Bohnen, D Reznik, ...
Physical review letters 102 (21), 217001, 2009
Competition between the Kondo effect and exchange interactions in the system CeSi x
WH Lee, RN Shelton, SK Dhar, KA Gschneidner Jr
Physical Review B 35 (16), 8523, 1987
Field-induced spin reorientation and giant spin-lattice coupling in
Y Xiao, Y Su, W Schmidt, K Schmalzl, CMN Kumar, S Price, T Chatterji, ...
Physical Review B 81 (22), 220406, 2010
Evolution of the bulk properties, structure, magnetic order, and superconductivity with Ni doping in
N Kumar, S Chi, Y Chen, KG Rana, AK Nigam, A Thamizhavel, W Ratcliff, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (14), 144524, 2009
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