Francisco Verdeguer
Francisco Verdeguer
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FGF21 regulates PGC-1α and browning of white adipose tissues in adaptive thermogenesis
S Kleiner, N Douris, EC Fox, RJ Mepani, F Verdeguer, J Wu, ...
Genes & Development 26 (3), 271-281, 2012
A mitotic transcriptional switch in polycystic kidney disease
F Verdeguer, S Le Corre, E Fischer, C Callens, S Garbay, A Doyen, ...
Nature medicine 16 (1), 106-110, 2010
PPAR [gamma] contributes to PKM2 and HK2 expression in fatty liver
G Panasyuk, C Espeillac, C Chauvin, LA Pradelli, Y Horie, A Suzuki, ...
Nature Communications 3, 672, 2012
Yin Yang 1 deficiency in skeletal muscle protects against rapamycin-induced diabetic-like symptoms through activation of insulin/IGF signaling
SM Blättler, JT Cunningham, F Verdeguer, H Chim, W Haas, H Liu, ...
Cell metabolism 15 (4), 505-517, 2012
Defective mitochondrial morphology and bioenergetic function in mice lacking the transcription factor Yin Yang 1 in skeletal muscle
SM Blättler, F Verdeguer, M Liesa, JT Cunningham, RO Vogel, H Chim, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 32 (16), 3333-3346, 2012
Liver macrophages regulate systemic metabolism through non-inflammatory factors
C Morgantini, J Jager, X Li, L Levi, V Azzimato, A Sulen, E Barreby, C Xu, ...
Nature Metabolism 1 (4), 445-459, 2019
Human mutations affect the epigenetic/bookmarking function of HNF1B
J Lerner, A Bagattin, F Verdeguer, MP Makinistoglu, S Garbay, T Felix, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (17), 8097-8111, 2016
Bromodomain inhibitors correct bioenergetic deficiency caused by mitochondrial disease complex I mutations
JJ Barrow, E Balsa, F Verdeguer, CDJ Tavares, MS Soustek, ...
Molecular cell 64 (1), 163-175, 2016
Macrophage heterogeneity and energy metabolism
F Verdeguer, M Aouadi
Experimental cell research 360 (1), 35-40, 2017
Brown adipose YY1 deficiency activates expression of secreted proteins linked to energy expenditure and prevents diet-induced obesity
F Verdeguer, MS Soustek, M Hatting, SM Blättler, D McDonald, JJ Barrow, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 36 (1), 184-196, 2016
Complement regulation in murine and human hypercholesterolemia and role in the control of macrophage and smooth muscle cell proliferation
F Verdeguer, C Castro, M Kubicek, D Pla, M Vila-Caballer, Á Vinué, ...
Cardiovascular research 76 (2), 340-350, 2007
Adipose tissue CLK2 promotes energy expenditure during high-fat diet intermittent fasting
M Hatting, AK Rines, C Luo, M Tabata, K Sharabi, JA Hall, F Verdeguer, ...
Cell metabolism 25 (2), 428-437, 2017
Metabolic signaling into chromatin modifications in the regulation of gene expression
T Gao, Z Díaz-Hirashi, F Verdeguer
International journal of molecular sciences 19 (12), 4108, 2018
Decreased genetic dosage of hepatic Yin Yang 1 causes diabetic-like symptoms
F Verdeguer, SM Blättler, JT Cunningham, JA Hall, H Chim, P Puigserver
Molecular Endocrinology 28 (3), 308-316, 2014
Adenosine activates thermogenic adipocytes
AK Rines, F Verdeguer, P Puigserver
Cell research 25 (2), 155-156, 2015
Metabolic reprogramming and signaling to chromatin modifications in tumorigenesis
Z Díaz-Hirashi, T Gao, F Verdeguer
Tumor Microenvironment: The Main Driver of Metabolic Adaptation, 225-241, 2020
A YY1 phosphorylation switch in brown adipose tissue orchestrates energy homeostasis.
Z Díaz-Hirashi, T Gao, C Scaffidi, M Fey, S Murray, A Low, O Pushkareva, ...
Proteomics to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in cardiovascular disease
M Kubicek, SM Sanz-González, F Verdeguer, V Andrés
Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 1 (3), 237-246, 2004
Adipose Tissue Vasculature Facilitates Immune Activation of Macrophages Via the CD200-CD200R Axis
A Sulen, X Li, E Barreby, V Azzimato, C Xu, C Morgantini, L Levi, J Jager, ...
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