Ikuya Yamada
Ikuya Yamada
Studio Ousia, RIKEN
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Joint Learning of the Embedding of Words and Entities for Named Entity Disambiguation
I Yamada, H Shindo, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
CoNLL, 2016
LUKE: Deep Contextualized Entity Representations with Entity-aware Self-attention
I Yamada, A Asai, H Shindo, H Takeda, Y Matsumoto
EMNLP, 2020
Wikipedia2Vec: An Efficient Toolkit for Learning and Visualizing the Embeddings of Words and Entities from Wikipedia
I Yamada, A Asai, J Sakuma, H Shindo, H Takeda, Y Takefuji, ...
EMNLP (demonstration), 2020
Learning Distributed Representations of Texts and Entities from Knowledge Base
I Yamada, H Shindo, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
TACL, 2017
Named Entity Disambiguation for Noisy Text
Y Eshel, N Cohen, K Radinsky, S Markovitch, I Yamada, O Levy
CoNLL, 2017
Trick me if you can: Human-in-the-loop generation of adversarial examples for question answering
E Wallace, P Rodriguez, S Feng, I Yamada, J Boyd-Graber
TACL 7, 387-401, 2019
Enhancing Named Entity Recognition in Twitter Messages Using Entity Linking
I Yamada, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
Noisy User-generated Text, 136-140, 2015
Segment-level neural conditional random fields for named entity recognition
M Sano, H Shindo, I Yamada, Y Matsumoto
IJCNLP, 97-102, 2017
NeurIPS 2020 EfficientQA competition: Systems, analyses and lessons learned
S Min, J Boyd-Graber, C Alberti, D Chen, E Choi, M Collins, K Guu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.00133, 2021
Global entity disambiguation with pretrained contextualized embeddings of words and entities
I Yamada, K Washio, H Shindo, Y Matsumoto
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.00426, 2019
Neural Attentive Bag-of-Entities Model for Text Classification
I Yamada, H Shindo
CoNLL, 2019
An End-to-End Entity Linking Approach for Tweets
I Yamada, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
NEEL Challenge, 2015
Studio Ousia’s Quiz Bowl Question Answering System
I Yamada, R Tamaki, H Shindo, Y Takefuji
First NIPS ’17 Competition, The Springer Series on Challenges in Machine …, 2018
Efficient Passage Retrieval with Hashing for Open-domain Question Answering
I Yamada, A Asai, H Hajishirzi
ACL, 2021
MTab4Wikidata at SemTab 2020: Tabular Data Annotation with Wikidata.
P Nguyen, I Yamada, N Kertkeidkachorn, R Ichise, H Takeda
SemTab@ ISWC, 86-95, 2020
Representation Learning of Entities and Documents from Knowledge Base Descriptions
I Yamada, H Shindo, Y Takefuji
COLING, 2018
Evaluating the Helpfulness of Linked Entities to Readers
I Yamada, T Ito, S Usami, S Takagi, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT), 169-178, 2014
Linkify: enhancing text reading experience by detecting and linking helpful entities to users
I Yamada, T Ito, H Takeda, Y Takefuji
IEEE Intelligent Systems 33 (5), 37-46, 2018
MTabES: Entity Search with Keyword Search, Fuzzy Search, and Entity Popularities
P Nguyen, I Yamada, H Takeda
人工知能学会全国大会論文集 第 35 回全国大会 (2021), 1N4IS1a02-1N4IS1a02, 2021
Hierarchical Contextualized Representation Models for Answer Type Prediction.
N Kertkeidkachorn, R Nararatwong, P Nguyen, I Yamada, H Takeda, ...
SMART@ ISWC, 49-56, 2020
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