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Sören Weyer
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Bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy as a fluid management system in heart failure
S Weyer, MD Zink, T Wartzek, L Leicht, K Mischke, T Vollmer, S Leonhardt
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Periodic Funnel-Based Control for Peak Inspiratory Pressure
A Pomprapa, S Weyer, S Leonhardt, M Walter, B Misgeld
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Development of a wearable multi-frequency impedance cardiography device
S Weyer, T Menden, L Leicht, S Leonhardt, T Wartzek
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Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy to Monitor Fluid Status in Heart Failure
MD Zink, F König, S Weyer, K Willmes, S Leonhardt, N Marx, A Napp
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Closed-Loop Control of Humidification for Artifact Reduction in Capacitive ECG Measurements
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A differential capacitive electrical field sensor array for contactless measurement of respiratory rate
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Feasibility of bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy measurement before and after thoracentesis
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Modeling of motion artifacts in contactless heart rate measurements
T Wartzek, C Brüser, T Schlebusch, C Brendle, S Santos, A Kerekes, ...
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A physiological model for extracorporeal oxygenation controller design
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Capacitive ECG recording and beat-to-beat interval estimation after major cardiac event
L Leicht, E Skobel, M Mathissen, S Leonhardt, S Weyer, T Wartzek, ...
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Active humidification for capacitive-resistive ECG-systems
L Leicht, B Eilebrecht, S Weyer, T Wartzek, S Leonhardt
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A model-based approach for analysis of intracellular resistance variations due to body posture on bioimpedance measurements
S Weyer, M Ulbrich, S Leonhardt
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 434 (1), 012003, 2013
Development of a real-time, semi-capacitive impedance phlebography device
S Weyer, H Weber, C Kleeberg, S Leonhardt, T Wartzek
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Evaluation of bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy for the assessment of extracellular body water
S Weyer, L Röthlingshöfer, M Walter, S Leonhardt
Acta Polytechnica 52 (5), 2012
Evaluation of bioimpedance spectroscopy for the monitoring of the fluid status in an animal model
S Weyer, L Rothlingshofer, M Walter, S Leonhardt, R Bensberg
2012 Ninth International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor …, 2012
RheoStim: Development of an Adaptive Multi-Sensor to Prevent Venous Stasis
S Weyer, F Weishaupt, C Kleeberg, S Leonhardt, D Teichmann
Sensors 16 (4), 428, 2016
Evaluation of a swine model for impedance cardiography—a feasibility study
M Ulbrich, J Mühlsteff, S Weyer, M Walter, S Leonhardt
Lecture Notes on Impedance Spectroscopy: Volume 4 4, 39, 2013
Model-based optimization of adaptive external counterpulsation therapy
S Weyer, H Weber, C Kleeberg, S Leonhardt, D Teichmann
International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing 7 …, 2016
Pulmonary fluid accumulation and its influence on the impedance cardiogram: Comparison between a clinical trial and fem simulations
M Ulbrich, J Mühlsteff, MD Zink, F Wolf, S Weyer, T Vollmer, S Winter, ...
Lékař a technika-Clinician and Technology 44 (4), 28-34, 2014
Impedanzbasierte Messtechnik-neue Wege zur Prävention kardiovaskulärer Erkrankungen
SN Weyer
Shaker Verlag, 2017
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