Julia Cooke
Julia Cooke
The Open University
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Is plant ecology more siliceous than we realise?
J Cooke, MR Leishman
Trends in plant science 16 (2), 61-68, 2011
Native and exotic invasive plants have fundamentally similar carbon capture strategies
MR Leishman, VP Thomson, J Cooke
Journal of Ecology 98 (1), 28-42, 2010
Elevated CO2 does not increase eucalypt forest productivity on a low-phosphorus soil
DS Ellsworth, IC Anderson, KY Crous, J Cooke, JE Drake, AN Gherlenda, ...
Nature Climate Change 7 (4), 279-282, 2017
Reproductive output of invasive versus native plants
RAB Mason, J Cooke, AT Moles, MR Leishman
Global Ecology and Biogeography 17 (5), 633-640, 2008
Consistent alleviation of abiotic stress with silicon addition: a meta‐analysis
J Cooke, MR Leishman
Functional Ecology 30 (8), 1340-1357, 2016
Tradeoffs between foliar silicon and carbon‐based defences: evidence from vegetation communities of contrasting soil types
J Cooke, MR Leishman
Oikos 121, 2052–2060, 2012
Phosphorus recycling in photorespiration maintains high photosynthetic capacity in woody species
DS Ellsworth, KY Crous, H Lambers, J Cooke
Plant, Cell & Environment, 2015
Conserved stomatal behaviour under elevated CO2 and varying water availability in a mature woodland
TE Gimeno, KY Crous, J Cooke, AP O'Grady, A Ósvaldsson, BE Medlyn, ...
Functional Ecology 30 (5), 700-709, 2016
Silicon concentration and leaf longevity: is silicon a player in the leaf dry mass spectrum?
J Cooke, MR Leishman
Functional Ecology 25 (6), 1181-1188, 2011
Evidence for shifts to faster growth strategies in the new ranges of invasive alien plants
MR Leishman, J Cooke, DM Richardson
Journal of Ecology 102 (6), 1451-1461, 2014
The functional ecology of plant silicon: geoscience to genes
J Cooke, JL DeGabriel, SE Hartley
Functional Ecology 30 (8), 1270-1276, 2016
Water availability affects seasonal CO2‐induced photosynthetic enhancement in herbaceous species in a periodically dry woodland
VS Pathare, KY Crous, J Cooke, D Creek, O Ghannoum, DS Ellsworth
Global change biology 23 (12), 5164-5178, 2017
Shoot growth of woody trees and shrubs is predicted by maximum plant height and associated traits
SM Gleason, AEA Stephens, WC Tozer, CJ Blackman, DW Butler, ...
Functional Ecology 32 (2), 247-259, 2018
Stem diameter growth rates in a fire‐prone savanna correlate with photosynthetic rate and branch‐scale biomass allocation, but not specific leaf area
IJ Wright, J Cooke, LA Cernusak, LB Hutley, MC Scalon, WC Tozer, ...
Austral Ecology 44 (2), 339-350, 2019
The distribution of Carrichtera annua in Australia: introduction, spread and probable limits
J Cooke, RH Groves, J Ash
The Rangeland Journal 33 (1), 23-35, 2011
The behaviour of scribbly gum moth larvae Ogmograptis sp. Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Bucculatricidae) in the Australian Capital Territory
J Cooke, T Edwards
Australian Journal of Entomology 46 (4), 269-275, 2007
The unusual occurrence of green algal balls of Chaetomorpha linum on a beach in Sydney, Australia
J Cooke, R Lanfear, A Downing, MR Gillings, AGB Poore, ID Goodwin, ...
Botanica Marina 58 (5), 401-407, 2015
Rapid evolution of leaf physiology in an introduced beach daisy
CR Brandenburger, J Cooke, WB Sherwin, AT Moles
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1909), 20191103, 2019
The Christmas tree project: comparing the effects of five treatments on the health of cut Christmas trees (Pinus radiata, Pinaceae)
O Akres, I Cavallaro, C Cheng, M Dixon, D Goddard, T Hofbauer, S Mahr, ...
Australian Journal of Botany 64 (1), 15-19, 2016
Population dynamics of the invasive, annual species, Carrichtera annua, in Australia
J Cooke, JE Ash, RH Groves
The Rangeland Journal 34 (4), 375-387, 2012
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