Aimara Planillo
Aimara Planillo
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Arthropod abundance modulates bird community responses to urbanization
A Planillo, S Kramer‐Schadt, S Buchholz, P Gras, M von der Lippe, ...
Diversity and Distributions 27 (1), 34-49, 2021
Carnivore abundance near motorways related to prey and roadkills
A Planillo, C Mata, A Manica, JE Malo
The Journal of Wildlife Management 82 (2), 319-327, 2018
Motorway verges: Paradise for prey species? A case study with the European rabbit
A Planillo, JE Malo
Mammalian Biology 78, 187-192, 2013
The concentration of fear: mice’s behavioural and physiological stress responses to different degrees of predation risk
B Sánchez-González, A Planillo, Á Navarro-Castilla, I Barja
The Science of Nature 105, 1-10, 2018
Transport infrastructure shapes foraging habitat in a raptor community
A Planillo, S Kramer-Schadt, JE Malo
PLoS One 10 (3), e0118604, 2015
A new large-scale index (AcED) for assessing traffic noise disturbance on wildlife: stress response in a roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) population
C Iglesias-Merchan, F Horcajada-Sánchez, L Diaz-Balteiro, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 190, 1-16, 2018
The landscape of fear: Why some free-ranging rodents choose repeated live-trapping over predation risk and how it is associated with the physiological stress response
MC Hernández, Á Navarro-Castilla, A Planillo, B Sánchez-González, ...
Behavioural processes 157, 125-132, 2018
The use of faecal markers for the delimitation of the European rabbit’s social territories (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.)
L Ruiz-Aizpurua, A Planillo, AJ Carpio, J Guerrero-Casado, FS Tortosa
Acta Ethologica 16, 157-162, 2013
Spatiotemporal interactions of a novel mesocarnivore community in an urban environment before and during SARS‐CoV‐2 lockdown
JLP Louvrier, A Planillo, M Stillfried, R Hagen, K Börner, S Kimmig, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 91 (2), 367-380, 2022
Citizen science data for urban planning: comparing different sampling schemes for modelling urban bird distribution
A Planillo, L Fiechter, U Sturm, S Voigt-Heucke, S Kramer-Schadt
Landscape and Urban Planning 211, 104098, 2021
Infrastructure features outperform environmental variables explaining rabbit abundance around motorways
A Planillo, JE Malo
Ecology and evolution 8 (2), 942-952, 2018
Occupancy models reveal potential of conservation prioritization for Central American jaguars
AP Calderón, J Louvrier, A Planillo, D Araya‐Gamboa, S Arroyo‐Arce, ...
Animal Conservation 25 (5), 680-691, 2022
Hypotheses in urban ecology: building a common knowledge base
S Lokatis, JM Jeschke, M Bernard‐Verdier, S Buchholz, HP Grossart, ...
Biological Reviews, 0
The rate of environmental change as an important driver across scales in ecology
A Synodinos, R Karnatak, CA Aguilar-Trigueros, P Gras, T Heger, ...
EcoEvoRxiv, 2021
Data-integration of opportunistic species observations into hierarchical modelling frameworks improves spatial predictions for urban red squirrels
M Grabow, J Louvrier, A Planillo, S Kiefer, S Drenske, K Börner, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 735, 2022
Comparison of mosquito and fly derived DNA as a tool for sampling vertebrate biodiversity in suburban forests in Berlin, Germany
R Danabalan, A Planillo, S Butschkau, S Deeg, G Pierre, C Thion, ...
Environmental DNA, 2023
Three decades of wildlife-vehicle collisions in a protected area: Main roads and long-distance commuting trips to migratory prey increase spotted hyena roadkills in the Serengeti
M Naciri, A Planillo, M Gicquel, ML East, H Hofer, S Metzger, S Benhaiem
Biological Conservation 279, 109950, 2023
Addressing phase of population cycle and spatial scale is key to understand vole abundance in crop field margins: Implications for managing a cyclic pest species
A Planillo, J Viñuela, JE Malo, JT García, P Acebes, AE Santamaría, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 345, 108306, 2023
Host condition, seasonality and environmental factors explain parasite community differences between urban and rural foxes
C Scholz, V Jarquın-Dıaz, A Planillo, V Radchuk, C Scherer, C Schulze, ...
Global disparity of research allocation and the Aichi biodiversity conservation targets
B Mugerwa, J Niedballa, A Planillo, D Sheil, S Kramer-Schadt, A Wilting
bioRxiv, 2022.04. 07.486958, 2022
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