Alexander Forrest
Alexander Forrest
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Optimizing struvite production for phosphate recovery in WWTP
AL Forrest, KP Fattah, DS Mavinic, FA Koch
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C Kaminski, T Crees, J Ferguson, A Forrest, J Williams, D Hopkin, ...
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CF Dow, WS Lee, JS Greenbaum, CA Greene, DD Blankenship, K Poinar, ...
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UNCLOS under ice survey-An historic AUV deployment in the Canadian high arctic
T Crees, C Kaminski, J Ferguson, JM Laframboise, A Forrest, J Williams, ...
Digital terrain mapping of Petermann Ice Island fragments in the Canadian high arctic
AL Forrest, AK Hamilton, V Schmidt, BE Laval, D Mueller, A Crawford, ...
21st IAHR International Symposium on Ice, 1-12, 2012
Parameter identification of a nonlinear model: replicating the motion response of an autonomous underwater vehicle for dynamic environments
SAT Randeni P, AL Forrest, R Cossu, ZQ Leong, D Ranmuthugala, ...
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Performance evaluation of underwater platforms in the context of space exploration
AL Forrest, BE Laval, DSS Lim, DR Williams, AC Trembanis, ...
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Scientific field training for human planetary exploration
DSS Lim, GL Warman, ML Gernhardt, CP McKay, T Fong, MM Marinova, ...
Planetary and Space Science 58 (6), 920-930, 2010
Quantitative assessment of invasive species in lacustrine environments through benthic imagery analysis
AL Forrest, ME Wittmann, V Schmidt, NA Raineault, A Hamilton, W Pike, ...
Limnology and Oceanography: methods 10 (1), 65-74, 2012
Seasonal controls on sediment transport and deposition in Lake Ohau, South Island, New Zealand: Implications for a high‐resolution Holocene palaeoclimate reconstruction
HA Roop, GB Dunbar, R Levy, MJ Vandergoes, AL Forrest, SL Walker, ...
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Late‐summer thermal regime of a small proglacial lake
J Richards, RD Moore, AL Forrest
Hydrological Processes 26 (18), 2687-2695, 2012
Investigation of under-ice thermal structure: small AUV deployment in Pavilion Lake, BC, Canada
AL Forrest, H Bohm, B Laval, E Magnusson, R Yeo, MJ Doble
OCEANS 2007, 1-9, 2007
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